A Few Friends Wander Online...

A messenger finds Felinor Linn

A message addressed to Felinor Linn upon returning from Arjana's Stronghold on the morning of the 21st day of Rova.

messenger.jpg “A message for you Brother Linn.”

Felinor passed the young runner 2 pennies, thanking her for the delivery. “May The Inheritor protect and guide you young lady.” Wearily he broke the seal and read the short missive.

I have unraveled the text you left in my care. Please see me at once.

Hearing Felinor’s sigh of resignation Gavin approached his friend. “Bad news?”

“Hrmm? Oh, not at all, just tired I guess.” Handing the message to Gavin, “Fancy a trip to the monastery? It seems Mother Jestine has completed translating the texts we gave her prior to our sojourn to the forest keep.”

Gavin peered down at the missive, echoing Felinor’s sigh of resignation, “We’d better grab Bromi as well.”

Agreeing with Gavin, Felinor called out to the dwarf before he could venture much further toward his accommodations. “Bromi, we must visit Mother Jestine before you visit your bed I’m afraid.”

“Why is that?”

“She has completed translating the dead wizard’s texts.”

After a brief glance toward home, Bromi returned to the others. “Let’s get on with it then. I’d like to see the inside of my room before too long. What about the others?”

“They didn’t know Korzan, we’ll let them know what Mother Jestine says though.”

Fairhill_Monastery.jpgThe three friends exited the small monastery, their breath steaming in the early autumn air.
“That’s bad news.” Felinor stated matter-of-factly.

“A Lich? Bad news you say? That may be a bit of an understatement Brother Linn.” Gavin retorted.

“He’s not a Lich yet or at least that’s what she gathered from Korzan’s journals.”

Felinor looked down at the dwarf nodding, “You’re right but we need to address this posthaste, before an undead menace rises to threaten this town as it’s never been threatened.”

“A bit melodramatic don’t you think, Fel?” asked Gavin wryly.

“I’m not sure we can be too dramatic with regards to the Tower of Earlion, Gavin.”

“We can’t forget about Vortigern, Feliban’s apprentice, either. I’m sure he’s still out there and trying to get into the tower.” Bromi reminded his companions.

“I say we move toward Pitax and deal with this threat as Mother Jestine has asked. We’ve not received any more pressing cries for help.”

“Felinor,” said Gavin, “we should return to the Inn and run this by our other companions before we make any moves. Lilith is from the area and Alton has traveled far, I’m sure they have worthwhile insights.”

“You’re right, Vors. I’m letting my passion control me.”

With these final words, the three companions walked quietly back to the tavern and their compatriots.


Zandu DragoonTM

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