A Few Friends Wander Online...


“What a strange trip it’s been so far,” Alton muttered to himself. Just a few short weeks ago he was shoveling ox droppings by day and playing flute by night. Now he was an adventurer. A (semi)full-fledged adventurer.

An adventurer that wasn’t kicked out by his new found acquaintances. “Do I belong?” he thought. After all, he didn’t contribute much to the combat. His arrows had the piercing strength of a flower and he was rendered completely blind by the complex mazes of caves. He had to crawl along the wall just to survive and escape.

What he lacked in combat skills he made up for in spells, performances, and unnecessary humor. He made a gnoll burst out in tears laughing. He translated the enemy commands to gain the upper hand in combat. He located a secret door the other party members were completely blind to.

“I do belong!”

Success felt great. He helped eliminate a menace. He got a taste of the riches that had eluded him for so long. Just when things seemed so well it got better.

A Letter.

“What’s this?” Alton questioned. He opened the envelope and read the first line and smiled as wide as a halfling could.

“After additional consideration, the Academy would love to accept you into its ranks…”


Zandu The_Taco_Waffle

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