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Curious Correspondence From Caiden Arien

Recieved by Lilith the morning of the 22nd Day

Lilith receives a letter from Caiden Arien who is very aware of the party’s success in hunting and killing the Leucrotta and ridding Fairhill of its menace. His reason for reaching out to Lilith is to meet to discuss the Muric Mansion and persuade our party to further investigate the curse that plagues the area. Caiden often frequents the Prancing Pony. Lilith also knows he lives in town, so getting together should be relatively simple and he promised getting the party involved would mean working for the good of the town and… “good coin”. He is well known within the town as a Lord and is very fair and proper so Lilith has no doubt that he would reward the party accordingly.

Aside from this correspondence, Lilith also is very concerned with the amount of loot obtained from our recent battle. She has recently begun to suspect that Amlodd is a member of the powerful but secretive thieves guild that exerts influence in town of Fairhill. She is unsure of the relation between his “Thieves Guild” and the larger group in Pitax City Proper. It is very possible that Amlodd and his band of Thieves are working together in serving Arjana. It is very evident that the adventures our party has encountered is becoming very well known within the town which, could jeopardize the citizens of Fairhill. Lilith also believes Arjana is going to become increasingly aware of our presence, which might lead to her obtaining more reinforcements further challenging our attempts to track her.

Lilith discusses this information with the party of adventurers and recommends getting together with Caiden Arien to further investigate the curse.


Zandu Judethemia

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