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Gavin's Journal - Meet and Greet

Previous Adventure Logcold-steel-boar-spear-18.gifGavin had pulled the note advertising the job off the board at the Ravenous Shark and discussed it with his acquaintances. Even though he had only recently met most of the assembled party there seemed a certain level of intrigue to the group. Reading over the posting again he intoned “Korzan” and “The Drowned Pixie” while memorizing it.

“Two gold pieces a day sounds pretty good to me.” He said to the table. “Far better than I can earn scribing scrolls for merchants. AND…Glory, Fame, and Treasure is what I live for.” He finished.

Delph retorted, “I think we can do better on the wages. I’ll put on the charm with him to see that he can sweeten the pot.”

Bromi sat in his chair looking around the room self-consciously pulling at the wraps covering his hands and tugged his hood forward around his face. “I’ll be happy to get away from so many prying eyes” he said looking around expecting everyone in the room to be staring at him.

Paying their individual bills the four members made the trek from the Ravenous Shark in the scummy dock side part of town to the Drowned Pixie located in a much more upscale part of town. Filled with merchant men and ship captains instead of their previous stevedores and felons this was a huge step up. Gavin had elected to wear his studded leather greaves and lamellar cuirass with his traditional Katana for the meet and greet…an audition if you will. And one he intended to show his potential employer that he, and his companions, were ready to undertake. The other weapons and equipment were half in the strong boxes on his cart in the stable with his donkey and half in a rented room inside the Ravenous Shark. (let me know if you need to know what is where)

Throwing caution to the wind, he and the party made their way to find Korzan without any preliminary reconnaissance or intel gathering. Not a way you ordinarily want to do business but time was against them. Who knew how many posters this Korzan had placed and how many people would be showing up to offer their services. If they waited until the morning they may lose out entirely.

Immediately upon entering the Drowned Pixie it was clear this was an up-scale place. The room was much lighter and the air much clearer than any travelers tavern Gavin had seen in many months. Drinking and game tables spread out across the large tap room were richly decorated. There were not too many people at this early evening hour but the number of seats and the full pig recently placed on the hearth spoke to the normal full crowd. Glancing to his companions for agreement he let his eyes linger on Bromi for a bit longer than anyone else. Poor guy. What horrible affliction causes him so much pain and disfigurement? Outloud he said, “Find Korzan and find us a job.” It was a question and a statement. Felinor nodded his agreement and Bromi indicated he would follow a little bit behind.

After the foyer there were two fortified bouncers who demanded our business and explained it was required to surrender our weapons. “To keep the peace” they explained. One of the bouncers, Kezler, was a brutish looking man with a recently broken nose. It was painful looking, swollen and red. He spoke with a nasal tone to his voice.

After surrendering the larger noticeable weapons, including Felinor’s sorcerous firearm-much to his chagrin, we were allowed passage into the inn. The bar was along the back wall and Felinor and Gavin approached to enquire of the bartender after Korzan. Eying the party with a little bit of doubt the bartender introduced himself as Boblin and offered dinner and drink. He also let it known that the inn did not presently have any room for them. It was fairly obvious that he did not think the party was the type who could afford to stay.

Purchasing a beer each the party was shown to a back room where a single man sat with eight tables. Introductions were made all around and Delph came in to make his grand entrance just as everyone was sitting down. Korzan was thrilled to learn that his note was found and the four adventurers in front of him wanted to take the trip. Korzan described the terms of the agreement and explained the task of journeying to the tower of deceased mage who had left all his belongings to Korzan’s master. This is to be Korzan’s first task as a full apprentice to his master. And apparently his master was not as interested in the items located in the tower as using it as a means for Korzan to prove himself. Korzan was hiring the party as body guards for the near two weeks.

Delph asked to confer with the group alone and Korzan stepped out. Before discussing the party took steps to ensure they were alone. Felinor, Bromi, and Gavin using more mundane means and Delph casting to look for any magical effects in the room. His work paid off and Delph discovered a small familiar perched on the windowsill outside. He took off immediately upon discovery and the party, slightly alarmed, was left to discuss their terms. Delph persuaded the party that he could get Korzan to up the pay because the initial promise of great wealth inside the tower seemed very unlikely. Everyone was willing to undertake the job.

After Korzan returned and new rounds of beer and food were ordered and brought in Delph put on the charm. He made convincing arguments and questioned if Korzan knew anything of the familiar that had spied on the party. It took some coaxing out of him as he fumbled to lie about it but finally admitted that he believed he may being followed. Using this to his advantage Delph pushed for more pay and it was clear that Korzan did not have much more room in his allowance. But he offered sixteen more gold at the conclusion of the quest and promised to pay the party’s wages (two per person per day) for four people regardless of how many returned. He also parted with the first six days worth of wages up front.

It was at this time that a man came through the door from the other room and began approaching the table with the five members. He had a stern face and gave no greeting. Upon reaching the table he demanded who Korzan was. Korzan timidly admitted he was. Two other men entered and went into the privi at the front of the room. They had the same stern face as this man. Delph asked what the man wanted and the man rather gruffly responded it was between he and Korzan. A fourth man entered from the other room and went into the privi. It seemed a bit odd that three men would venture into the small room all at once. Common decency would almost dictate otherwise.

Almost at once the room took a turn for the worse. The newcomer reached for Korzan like he intended to hull him out of the room and Delph, sitting at the end of the table, punched him in the ribs. Felinor, Gavin, and Bromi were up in a second too. Gavin moved toward the fight drawing his curved Kerambit from its hiding spot and missed the dodging man at the end of the table. The three men from the privi emerged a second later with weapons and joined the fray. They must have stashed them in the toilet or had someone down there who snuck them inside from outside. That is commitment. What did they want with Korzan?


After nearly twenty seconds Korzan’s scream for Boblin and Kezler was answered by the two men dashing into the room with weapons and quickly ending the lives of the remaining men. One had gotten away in the chaos. Delph’s spell had instilled such fear in his heart that the man was not seen again that evening.

Enemy weapons quickly confiscated by Kezler and his companion the corpses were dragged out back to whatever ending the party was not told. Boblin made many apologies with comments of “How rare,” and “this never happens here. You must not think of paying for your dinner or drink thus far.”

Korzan smiled saying, “What hospitality. This is why I love the Drowned Pixi more than any other bar in the country!” Turning to his four recent hires he confirmed, “We will leave an hour after sunrise tomorrow. I encourage you to stock up tonight on any last minute supplies you may need. I will bring food provisions as promised. But remember, we will be gone for near on twelve days.” He passed around the twelve gold to each member and then bid them good night. He retired to his room in the Drowned Pixi and left the party to return to their rooms at the less reputable Ravenous Shark.
Gavin’s Night Fight


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