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Gavin's Journal - Night Fight

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Spear.pngExcerpt from the Adventures of Gavin Vors, Pathfinder Chronicler


It was the third day of traveling toward the tower when we were set upon in the middle of the night by an unknown beast. It was the fifth hour of the night when I stepped away from the fire to investigate a noise like a crying baby not far from our campsite. The thing was extremely proficient at stalking and hunting and appeared out of the darkness as if by magic. Immediately upon exiting the small clearing the beast with a head like a badger and a lean equine body sunk its teeth into me with ripping ferocity. With a mouth like razor blades and the strength of a maul it dealt damage to armor and body alike. It then attacked with it hind legs delivering a crushing blow to my chest knocking me to the ground breathless. Taken by surprise I gathered my wits while still retaining my katana in hand. At least my training was paying off. Immediately backing out of reach of the beast I rose to my feet and gave another cry of alarm more purposeful than the cry of anguish which had escaped during the initial attack. While I wavered on my feet with blood streaming from the punctures and lacerations of my arm I might have been finished but for the grace of the Delph’s healing powers. In an instant of shock and wonder I saw the ripped sinews of my arm knit back together and quickly close to just some raw tender flesh. The crushed bone became whole, the bleeding ceased and the pain subsided as I saw the creature close towards me again. I saw intelligence in its eyes glowing green in the firelight. It meant to eat me for sure. In that heartbeat I knew that it was me or this horse sized monster that both resembled a large cat and a badger.
adv1_Session2.PNGIts bashing teeth came at me again as I dodged and it again knocked me to the ground. The others in my party were awake now and closed to attack. They gave me the moment to land a solid blow with my katana severing the head from the beast. Think ourselves free of the threat we retreated to the light of the fire and assessed our wounds. That was when we heard the cry from another beast. It was a larger beast. With its anger and vengeance we took it that this was the mother. Taking a quick breath I again joined the fray with Bromi, Delph, and Felinor. Felinor got a shot off with his black powder arcane blasting rod and Bromi attacked with his bare hands. Delph called on his God to save us all as the 800-pound beast brought me to my knees. After several attacks the beast ran off and despite our best attempts to follow it eluded us in the dark. I returned to the camp and another round of Delph’s prayers.
Still bleeding a little but with no broken bones I grabbed my quill and notebook and sketched the beast as it had attacked leaping from the woods. I have taken samples of its hair, teeth, hooves, ear, eye, and tail for study later.
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