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Gavin's Journal - Sleepless Night

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We were once again set upon by the elusive mother beast. Despite traveling roughly fifteen miles the badger-horse beast began making the mimicking crying noise three hours after sunset. Even with a full moon the light under the dense tree cover was too little to aid us in finding the beast. Bromi and I shared the first watch. We heard the beast and Bromi saw it to the north of camp. We roused the rest of the group and went into the woods in a group trying to end the threat. However as we ventured further away from camp thinking we were on the trail of the beast we heard a horrific sound come from one of the donkeys in camp. We returned as quickly as possible but were too late. One donkey lay dead with two crushing bite attacks and the other was bleeding from a gaping wound at its neck.

Delph came up and cured my donkey, the stalwart beast I had traveled with for the previous four months. We used Felinor’s horse to drag Korzan’s dead donkey away from camp and used it as bait for the beast. With two people on guard duty the rest of us tried to sleep again. Felinor was on guard duty when I was awakened by the sound of his arcane boom stick, or “gun” as he calls it. Grabbing my sword and exchanging looks with those around me I ran toward the sound of the noise. Felinor was halfway between camp and the carcass. I approached and made my way to the dead donkey but could see nothing. I carefully withdrew to camp while ready for an attack at any moment. It was about four in the morning judging by the location of the full moon light barely breaking through the tree cover.

The party decided that we were better to stay in a group near the fire than to adventure out into the woods after the beast as that had proven fruitless on several occasions. As of yet the beast had not attacked us while we were in a group. It seemed they preferred to lure us away from the group and pick us off one at a time. We wouldn’t give them that opportunity again.

Breaking camp before dawn we hitched Korzan’s cart with the food and supplies to Felinor’s light war horse that was not happy with being burdened as such. We got on the road toward our objective still two full days away.
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