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Gavin's Journal - The Hook

Spear.pngThe trip to this seaside town and the welcome of the Ravenous Shark had been a long one. Gav reflected on the calendar, 30 Rova 4714. He had left Absalom nearly four months ago. The sea crossing had been its own sort of perilous. A storm to rival that of a maelstrom rose out of the west on the fourth day and set them a week off course. After fifteen days at sea he disembarked with his strong boxes and purchased a donkey and cart from a farmer having recently sold off his harvest. The donkey was a hardy beast with a docile demeanor. It had been a good investment. Felinor had been an interesting companion along the road too. Gav had partnered up with him out of Absalom to seek out adventure. They had a few scrapes with wild animals and thugs along the road and spent months in and out of towns looking for small jobs. Finding occasional employ as escorts for traders but that barely brought in enough to pay for food and did not provide funds nor access to noteworthy exploits for a Pathfinder. Gavin had hired out his services as a scribe a few times but still didn’t have much to show for his time on the road.

Gavin, read over the words on the vellum scroll in a few seconds letting the words enter his mind through the dual oculi in the front of the apex compartment of his body. So many descriptions of wounds sustained in the hundreds of chronicles he had absorbed made him think of himself as just another scientific specimen. He appreciated the attention with which the lettering had been drawn on this rich vellum. It meant that the employer must have resources to at least get this company off the starting point. Six days to reach the tower, he wondered silently. Is that just to reach the tower to start or is that three days each way with a few more while there? Questions for Korzan for sure. What got Gavin excited about the prospect of this letter was the well phrased second sentence in the first paragraph: “to seek out glory, fame and treasure from the abandoned tower of a mighty mage.” With Glory, Fame, and Mighty Mage sticking out the most. It was exactly what he had been looking for these last few months. At last, something to chronicle and send back to the Society. It might even lead to his first publication…At least he hoped. Time to find out more.

Gavin returned to his table to have a drink and mull over the proposition. He would have to find this Drowned Pixie Inn and Korzan therein. Felinor looked at him after returning to his seat. Four months on the road with Gav and Felinor knew exactly that Gavin was calculating the monetary and scholastic gain.

“Remember, Gavin, fame and glory gained in this mortal coil pale in comparison to that which is gained in service to Iomedae. Let her pure light guide you, not the gold–tinged light of greed.”

Gavin smiled at him. True zealots are a unique sort of breed.
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