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Slaying the Beast

Leucrota Final Battle

Excerpt from Gavin Vors, Chronicler of the Pathfinder Society

I looked around the room following the heavy fighting and screams of battle. The hardy fighters of the group all had gashes and I was worse off than most. The mother leucrota was dead on the floor. If she was as intelligent as my research had led me to believe we did not see evidence of it. She never responded to my provocations and fought with the tenacity of a raged animal. Perhaps losing a child will do that to any being. The mother was bigger than the adolescent we dispatched the day previously. The gnolls and pugwampi were all dead. Felinor used his god-given talents to heal us. He was a bit shorter tempered. A quick to anger side I had not seen of him. I suspect it is the effects of the demonic healing I performed to save his life. I have noticed some symptoms in myself after using it. But with Felinor’s closer connection to the good of the world I think it is affecting him worse. It should pass within a few hours or days at most.

With the militants dispatched and wounds bound or healed my companions and I immediately began looking for treasure. We had seen numerous objects of potential value during our advance but had been focused on concealing our presence. This time, however, we dug into every nook and cranny looking for hidden treasure. We overturned bags in the front supply room. We searched the leucrota nest in the back of the cave. We even turned out the pockets of the fallen foes.

loot.jpgWe gathered all the items into one room near the cave entrance. As the pile grew we knew it was too much to carry out. We sent two of our party out with horses to get wagons back on the main road. Several hours later when they arrived the treasure was gathered. Some 230 pounds of copper pieces were sorted into eight sacks for transport. Another 50 pounds of silver were in two more bags. And 498 gold pieces were counted and sorted into 12 coin purses. These were immediately divided among the party at 82 pieces each. It was more money than I had ever seen in my whole life. Alton tried to make a bed of it while we were sorting. He thought he was some kind of small dragon and kept rolling over and throwing it onto the top of him trying to bury himself. I am quite sure his account will place us all in more glamorous and heroic of fashion.

There were thirty-seven gems of varying values but all worth a lot. I held the opal up to examine it and was awed by the beauty of such an expensive item. Just that one stone was likely worth more than I had earned in my whole life up to that moment. Alton and I agreed that it was worth nearly 600 gold pieces by itself. It was in a beautiful broach that must have belonged to a very wealthy family. Gavin looked for other identifiable jewelry that could be traced back to the missing people from Fairhill. If these valuables were taken from Fairhill it would be bad to try and sell them there. But if they had been raided off traders then they could sell them to Hector Lessley, the gem dealer in Fairhill, for some coin…Assuming these aren’t the items stolen from him.

We loaded all the coin and more (art, weapons, magic items) into the wagons and rode out to the keep to organize and load up additional items from the keep before returning to Fairhill. We needed a strategy for how to approach the town of Fairhill before we went back. I reviewed my notes on the townsfolk from our first two days in town. There are power plays and alliances that I don’t understand yet.

250px-RoseAndGlove-Book.jpgEarly the next morning we returned to explore the caves beneath the keep. They are a most intriguing exploration for me. Not in the form of the architecture but in the age and use. These caves most certainly pre-date the building of the keep. Was the little fort established here because of the caves? To protect what laid beneath it? Returning to the scene of my near death just a few days ago, what seems like a month now, we found a chest. I am hesitant to write in a letter the nature of the items within. Suffice it to say that they are old and interesting. I must study the origins more before confirming the validity but this could be the find I have been looking for out here. This may not just launch my career but define it.

The wagons are loaded and we are heading back to town confident in the knowledge we have dispatched the beast plaguing the countryside of Fairhill. With the hooves, tail, ears, and teeth of the viscous Leucrota we can show it is dead. We have the remaining parts of the villager to return for burial. We will claim the reward for slaying the beast and bring some solace to the people of Fairhill and make life a little more bearable. We have also disrupted the bandits in the hills. While not capturing the leader, Arjana, we certainly have a story about the keep and the objects found within. Perhaps next we can dispel the curse spreading in the country near House Muric.


Zandu Zandu

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