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The Longest Wait

The making of a map

Iomedae knows time can drag on when you are on the eve of a grand adventure. The discussion earlier in the day had lead to the decision to go investigate the curse on the Muric house eighteen miles East of Fairhill. Provisions were purchased and preparations were made. The rations were purchased because nothing on the land could be eaten. Gavin bought a cold iron short sword that he strapped on to his hip diagonally behind his back for a reverse draw. This coupled with the Katana and Wakizashi, Morningstar, and short bow, made him look like a veritable porcupine of swords. Two expensive vials of cure disease and lesser cure light wounds he purchased from Filib’s Potions. He got a little discount for having returned so many stolen items to the proprietor, Filib. After checking the horses were brushed and fed for the next day’s expedition there wasn’t much to do. The hours had run on and on and on for what felt like four and a half months. In the time Gavin had finished working on a map of the region. He used rough maps he had seen in the temple and his own observations. He drew them out on the vellum with the most detail he could provide.

The map would grow in detail as they explored more of the countryside. The mountains were to the north with the Yalt river providing the life blood of the Fairhill farming community. Fairhill was an important trade route between the small western border town of Mormouth and the capital of Pitax. Mormouth was on the northern Sellen river flowing South from Numeria from Chessed on the Lake of Mists and Veils. Trade that comes over the top of the world from the Far East comes down the Sullen and Mormouth is Pitax’s only port on the Sellen. Of course most trade comes up the Pitax river from the Yalt that feeds into the Sellen far to the South. But that means trade must go through five more capital cities and three hundred miles before it comes back into Pitax and the kingdom would prefer to off load any trade they can at their first port city and incur less markup. That is why trade from Mormouth to Pitax by way of Fairhill and past the bandit keep had been so important. Arjana sure had strangled the trade for the last several months and people were happy to have it flowing again. While not all of these places had found their way onto Gavin’s Pitax map he had other maps of the Sellen river valley he had picked up in Daggermark that set it in perspective.

Gavin applied the final brush stroke of ink to the map and sat back to look at his product. Perhaps he would have something to file in his reports that might make it back to the Archives in Absalom afterall.
Time to sleep for tomorrow is another big adventure.


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