Alton the Bright

Halfling master of music and pew pew weapons


Alton was born and raised in a noble’s elaborate home where his family was servants (slaves) to a wealthy aristocrat establishment. He never quite fit the mold, as he was always getting himself and his family into trouble. Alton would often pull pranks to keep his spirits up as a distraction from all the manual labor he was subjected to.

One day he stumbled upon his master’s stash of money and jeweled ornaments and found out that there really is a vast world of riches waiting to be discovered. It didn’t seem right to Alton that all this treasure is being hoarded by one family while his family worked for food scraps and the occasional coin. He wanted to obtain this wealth for himself and escape the life of daily chores. He quickly realized he wouldn’t get it by brawn so he enlists his trusty flute “Ogron” to help him charm it from the locals. He also heard that there’s something called “adventuring groups” that get together and get riches by doing good deeds.

He spent his free time playing music in the back alleys of town collecting coin. He tried playing in the tavern at the Inn, but every time he came back home his hard earned money was confiscated by his master. When he wasn’t playing music or working he would daydream about joining an adventuring party that would lead him to obtaining a modest amount of wealth.

As he reached adulthood he was ready to leave the town. With his mother’s blessing, he jumped on a merchant caravan in the middle of the night to Fairhill and rode to his new life of adventure and entertainment.

Alton doesn’t know what to expect. All he knows is that cleaning floors and prepping food is no life for a young and proud halfling.

Alton the Bright

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