Bromi Otek

A Pahmet Monk of Irori hailing from Tar Kuata


Bromi comes from a family whose ancestors worked in the platinum mines near Tar Urkatka, now known as Zolurket. His parents never explained why they’ve never returned to Zolurket, but they did make sure that he knew his way around a fight against undead foes. Bromi’s ancestors traveled north out of Katapesh to Osirion, sticking to the mountains that form the Barrier Wall and eventually settled among the Pahmet (Sand Dwarves) of southwestern Osirion.

Bromi was bullied often as a child due to the severe disfigurement of his face and the constant boils forming on his arms, legs, scalp, and back. Some say his disturbing appearance is a curse passed down through generations of his family, a grim reminder of the unspeakable horrors at Zolurket. Despite constant bullying, he never quite developed an offensive response. Instead, he became adept at anticipating sudden attacks and reacting to danger quickly. This developed naturally into an obsession with self defense and the martial arts. Bromi would often climb the walls surrounding the Monastery of Tar Kuata to watch the monks train, study, and meditate.

Bromi’s interest in a monastic life was of great relief to his family. They donated what little coins they could spare to the Monastery so the monks would take him in. His appearance had been driving customers away for decades – nobody wanted to do business with a family with a cursed son.

Life in the Monastery wasn’t easy. Even the most wise and aged monks found it difficult to look beyond Bromi’s gross disfigurement and pus spewing boils. He was often relegated to hours upon hours of manual labor in the depths of the Monastery so that he would be out of sight. As soon as the monks’ obligation to Bromi’s family’s small donation were met, he was asked to take a permanent sabbatical.

Bromi might not be the brightest dwarf in Osirion, but decades of isolation had given him plenty of time to reflect internally and develop a great understanding of himself and others around him. He had learned what he needed from the monks and understood that it was time to leave.

Bromi set out to wander Golarion, intent on seeking out the wisdom of others that had become enlightened enough to look past his gross disfigurement and to perhaps one day journey back to his ancestral home to discover what exactly happened in the Mines of Zolurket.

Bromi Otek

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