Delph Pytharius

An Oracle of Desna



Delph fell in taking the keep of bandits headed by Arjana.


The earliest memories held by Delph Pytharius are all dreams. Not of parents or toys or candy, but vivid, colorful and prophetic dreams. Dreams seemed to dominate him from a strangely early age, while other details of his life grow more vague and generic as time goes on. Details of his parents and siblings and life growing up almost seem to belong to somebody else, and when asked about them Delph tends to evade the subject.

The dreams were Delph’s first sign that he was different from the others in his small seaside village in the great Archipelago in the south. In a culture of fisherman and craftsman, Delph quickly learned to hide his vision-laden dreams in order to fit in with other children. By mastering this, Delph grew up a popular, optimistic child to the outside world, but inside he was tortured by not only his dreams, but also by flashes of far away lands and people he had never met while awake. A charming young man, able to hold his own at the oar or nets, Delphi realized that his destiny lied elsewhere, and resolved to leave that island home by the time he was sixteen.

The tribe of people around him all worshipped Gozreh, the deity of the sea and most fisherman, but from the moment of his first ‘special’ dream at age seven, Delph knew deep down that his soul was connected to Desna, the goddess of travellers and prophets. Delph knew that Desna was the source of his dreams and growing visions, but knew little else of the world outside or how to read these dreams.

Physically, Delph is quite a short human, and a bit rotund being too fond of wine and ale to drown out his visions and sleep a dreamless sleep. Possessing the dark black hair and brown skin of his people, Delphi’s eyes are a light grey that appear to see beyond his sight. Always quick of tongue and prone to talk his way out of trouble by not only using his gifts of the sight to put people at ease, but sometimes tell them what they want to hear in order to get his way, or make his life easier. Delph often had people hanging on his every word whether he meant to or not, such was his impact on those around him. For reasons he did not even understand and despite his efforts to hide it, people could sense his knowledge of things unseen or yet to pass and word quickly spread of the special youth in his chain of islands. People began to come to Delph and ask questions about loved ones and the future, questions Delph could not answer, unable to control the dreams or visions sent by Desna.

In order to learn more about his gifts, Delph eventually sought out the old hag from many islands away, with a reputation as a witch and seer that was never wrong. While approaching the house of the hag, Siwa, a strong sense of both power and focus overtook Delph and he was sure he had found the first of his teachers.

For over four years Delph stayed with the witch Siwa, learning of her crude fortune telling techniques and some magic passed down to her as well, until a dream came that made it clear to Delph that the time to move on had come. In his dream, Delph dreamed of a highway leading into a large city, a group of seemingly ill matched companions facing great peril within a dark cave, and a temple on a mountainside that shone like the sun itself. He knew instinctively that Desna was laying out the path for him to follow, and that it would start by going to a great city, and finding people with which he could grow and explore his gift. This, he knew would ultimately lead to a full understanding of his visions and final ascension to become the powerful presence that he had long had visions of becoming.

Delph Pytharius

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