Felinor Linn

Sword Priest of Iomedae.


Aglalia.jpgFelinor’s mother, Aglalia, was a ranger of the Sklar-Quah clan from a small village near Kaer Maga. Her village was beginning to feel the pressure of violently encroaching Chelish ‘settlers’. The village sent out several raiding parties deal with the upstart Chelaxians of which Aglalia was a often a member. One fateful raid, everything went wrong.

When the dust settled, Aglalia was the only survivor. The Chelish ‘settlers’ they attacked captured her and decided to sell her into slavery for, what they perceived to be, the crimes she had committed. She was sold into slavery on the ramshackle docks of Tamran. It took her new “owners” two months to break her will. She was no longer the viscous raider from the arid wasteland. Six months into her captivity she discovered her pregnancy and she thought all was lost, until she discovered a broken and rusty sword in lose plank under her pallet. She had slept on that pallet for 6 months and it had never been lose. As she held the decrepit blade, one of her captors walked in for his nightly entertainment. The spark of rage lit inside her once again, fueled by strength drawn from the shabby weapon in her hand. She cut the man to pieces before he could utter a sound. As she contemplated the weapon, she noticed, it wasn’t as rusty as or nearly as damaged she had previously thought. There also appeared to be an etching of a long sword on the pommel. Covered in her captor’s blood and wielding, what she would later discover was a blade provided by the goddess Iomedae, Aglalia cut a screaming and bloody escape from captivity.

Upon exiting the macabre hostel, Aglalia found herself in the city of Absalom, the sword in her hand, now a glittering and fine steel long sword, urging her toward the city center. Once there, she discovered a shining monastery dedicated to Iomedae with a cleric patiently standing at a small sally gate. The cleric looked benignly up at her as she stumbled forward. “We’ve been waiting for you for some time young Aglalia.” she said softly, beckoning Aglalia In stunned silence, she followed the comely cleric into the monastery.

Several months later a screaming boy-child was ripped into the world. Aglalia dedicated him to the Iomedae and the monastery. That was the last dealing she had with him. She, too, joined the monastery’s ranks growing into a fearsome whirlwind wholly dedicated to the Sword-Mistress.

Thus entered Felinor Linn, the Unwanted. The monastery raised him in the tenets of Iomadae and he grew to love her. He was given a single duty in service to the Sword-Mistress, Crusader. He was raised from infancy to take the word of Iomedae to the doubting masses, at sword point if needed.

Felinor Linn

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