Gavin Vors

Pathfinder Magus

ExperienceLevel 3

Level 4


Gavin Vors is a recent member of the Pathfinder Society. Hailing from the capital city, Vigil, of the kingdom of Lastwall he journeyed to Absalom and recently completed his initiation. He is an extremely intelligent young man with a worldly knowledge and a thirst for adventure. Gavin is in the employ of a veteran Venture Captain of great repute. He has recently hung his hat in the Ravenous Shark after arriving in the midsize sea town to seek out new information and adventure to chronicle for the Pathfinder Society.

Additional ruminations by Gavin Vors.

Gavin comes off as egotistical. It is a dominate trait of his Taldan heritage bolstered by his extreme intelligence and his fortunes of late. He was handpicked from a white-collar life to attend the Crusader War College where he met some of the most celebrated warriors in the Empire. Then he breezed through the numerous initiate tasks while at the Grand Lodge of the Pathfinder Society in Absalom. He passed the gauntlet of successive tests used to weed out initiates with silent nods from the instructors and passed the coveted Confirmation by pleasing the Three Masters. It was no small task and he is proud of his accomplishments. Gavin relies on his intelligence with a wealth of historical and third-person anecdotal stories to draw on. He is meticulous with his attention to detail. This goes from the care with which he writes to the way he tends his armor and equipment. Gavin plays up the image of his scholarly look and downplays his martial training but he is no stranger to the sword and bow. Despite regularly strapping on his short sword he relies mostly on the concealed sword within his walking cane. Gavin is readily willing to work with others until he determines them to offer little contribution. He can reign in his arrogance but will not tolerate idiocy, madness, or foolishness in most cases. Gavin is light hearted and enjoys throwing back a stout local brew in the various taverns along the road while swapping tales in search of the next artifact to bring to light and document for the glory of the Pathfinder Society, and himself.


The young human had grown up on stories of bravery and heroism. His culture praised those that brought fame to their name.

A bright boy from birth, Gavin always felt there was something bigger calling him. At nine his father died and unable to pay the tithe required for their land his mother moved them to live with her brother’s family.

Vigil was at the edge of the civilized world. The capital city of Lastwall, the people there certainly took their city’s name to heart. Everyone seemed to live on the edge of war and as if their very lives meant the difference between the hordes of orcs overrunning all of the Inner Sea and not. As a capital city it also had a good sized library prominently featured in the center of the city. Gavin’s uncle ran the library and so from the age of ten ensured that Gavin was properly employed shelving books. This was the appropriate means of educating a prospective future librarian. Gavin, nor his mother’s family, were aristocrats and thus did not have their children educated in the academic regimen. However, fortuitous for Gavin, the library afforded him to achieve a stellar education compared to what would have been available to him as the son of a bookbinder. Thus began Gavin’s insatiable lust for learning. By thirteen he could not only point out exactly where each title was stored on the shelves but give a synopsis for most of the titles therein.
It was not surprising then when Haldar Rickforth took notice of the youth of fourteen years who could speak quite intelligently on all the volumes of “The Complete Works Pertaining to the Maturation of Vegetative Plants in the Eastern Plains”. Haldar, a wizard of some repute in the city beseeched Gavin’s uncle and mother to let him sponsor Gavin at the nearby Crusader War College for the following year. After some convincing they accented to letting Gavin go. And thus, at the age of fifteen, Gavin began his classical study in Wizardry.

Four years passed in a flash at the War College where Gavin grew from a young boy into a full man. He attended studies on the history of the main stream magical arts in the area for two years. He learned the herbalist tables and measures for mixing potions (none of any significance, Gavin believed). He signed up for physical training during his electives to learn how to fight. The Crusader War College educated mages and warriors in an effort to blend those with talents into the best warriors possible. Gavin found that the instructors were not mere academics and he slowly saw his body develop real muscles. The time spent in the College’s library was one of his favorite. Sitting alone among the old tomes reading stories of antiquities and adventures kindled his spirit for adventure. It was not surprising to his advisors when after his four years as a student he did not sign up to begin his studies as a scholar. Instead he finished one more year at the studying fighting and survival techniques with the sworn Crusaders. Soon Gavin would leave the safety of Vigil and seek his adventure and a name for himself in the world around him.
Gavin had become acquainted with the local Pathfinder Society chapter house in Vigil. The captain there, Rupert Rumford III, was always looking to recruit new candidates for the Society. So, with the intelligence and thirst for adventure in Gavin he sent him off on a journey south toward Absalom. Four months on the road south and a sea crossing landed Gavin Vors on the steps of the largest city in all the world, Absalom. It took him a full day to find his way to the Grand Lodge of the Pathfinder Society and declare his intent to join as an initiate of the Society. Thus began his years of training and servitude to the Society.
A mere three years later Gavin passed his tests and earned a commission in the Society. It was the happiest day of his life. Now armed with the tools and knowledge to go out into the world to dig up ancient secrets and lost knowledge Gavin began his career as a Pathfinder.
Before leaving out for his life of adventure, Gavin arrayed his equipment. With items purchased at great expense to himself and as gifts from slightly envious friends who would never leave the confines of the city he took inventory. 1) Lamellar Armor consisting of a light breastplate and shoulder guards made from lacquered leather plates bound together and fitted over a silk shirt. 2) A lungchuan tamo with its concealed dual throwing knives. 3) The katana procured at a great expense but meaningful to his eastern style of fighting. 4) His personal spell book with his novice spells laid out for daily preparation. He crammed these and a multitude of other things into his little backpack and headed out the door.

Gavin Vors

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