Half Elf Ranger- Wanderer and Tracker of Things


Lilith was adopted as a young teen by noble family. As a child she was left in a tavern probably by her drunken birth parents because they needed some coin. All Lilith knew was that her birth mother was elven, her father was human. The family that adopted her learned of her, after witnessing that she was the tavern maid and had a rather nasty temper when people would approach her. Lilith knew that her adoptive parents did the best they could by lovingly teaching her what she needed to survive and take care of herself. They also enrolled Lilith into the best educational institutions money could buy. Her “parents” only wanted the best for her. But, after her upper studies were complete, she left home as a young adult, bored of her family and seeking adventure? Maybe it was just something different than the routines of daily life. She has spent her years wandering from town to town learning how to fend for herself and master her skills with the bow. Her dealings with others has tended to be off given her passive, aggressive, and judgmental attitude. Lilith, tends to just jump in where she thinks is needed, or could be of assistance. Most of the time it’s just because she feels like it.

Her education and the substantial familial allowance has provided her the backbone she needed before settling in the outskirts of Fairhill. Although Lilith is a wanderer, her expertise with the bow and her keen observations of her surroundings has challenged her to always strive to become better. Her dealings with others has been in passing different taverns when she needs a hot meal, bath, and strong drink. Despite her demeanor, she yearns for a sense of adventure and a chance to prove to others that she has a keen sense of awareness and a hunger for a battle with a worthy adversary.


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