Sheala Bevan

Daughter and heir of the Beven estate and holdings


The remaining member of the once great and powerful Beven family, Sheila still owns and runs the Beven Estate a day’s ride northeast of town. She maintains and usually resides in her Fairhill house (Area P on the Fairhill map).


She has been mentioned as a person who may be able to give information regarding the The Curse of House Muric.

The Beven farms have seen a profit increase since the Muric Estate became cursed and stopped producing.

Lord Beven died/succumbed to the curse on the day of the wedding also claiming his son and heir. Sheila is the last direct descendant.

Another offshoot of the family were killed by Vortigern’s minions in the opening adventures on the way to Fairhill (Bevan Farm SW of Fairhill).


Sheala Bevan

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