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Gavin's Journal - Farm House Fight
Previous Adventure Log Spear.png A little after four in the afternoon, an hour after his departure, Tsen came galloping in with his donkey in tow. With a panicked and stern tone he declared, “They were slaughtered! …I found a farm house where I had hoped we could spend the night and everyone there was slaughtered. I saw two bodies in the yard…We have to find what did this and make it right!”

The small caravan of 5 people, 2 carts, a donkey, and a horse had come to a stop during his tale. Delph questioned Tsen asking what kind of injuries they had sustained. Tsen said he had only seen them bloodied and torn to pieces and left outside the house. “We have to get back there!” he almost cried. The emotion in his voice sounded genuine. The caravan picked up speed and followed Tsen the 45 minutes back to the farm he had discovered.

Farm_House.PNGUpon reaching the farm it was clear something terrible had befallen the residents. Chickens and pigs milled around unpinned. The body of an adult was left in several pieces in front of the main door and a smaller body was visible inside the pin. Tsen said this was as close as he had ventured before returning for us earlier. We all carefully approached the house on the lookout for traps or enemy. We divided to investigate the bodies closer up. Upon inspection the girl’s body seemed to have been exposed to some sort of terrible poison. It was contorted and covered in pox without any sign of blood. The man, on the other hand, was ripped arm from arm and deep lacerations crossed his chest and face. It looked like something had flayed the skin while he was alive. Blood covered everything soaked through his torn clothes and matted with the dirt. Several chickens pecked at the corpse.

Upon entering the house we saw the wife and two small children slain in viscous means with long deep slashes such as swords or axes would leave. Intestines lay scattered on the floor with two pigs eating on them. Blood soaked the floor and the house smelled of bile.

Tsen insisted we needed to bury the bodies. He did not say if it was out of religious belief, superstition, or fear of what demonic powers had attacked them. But it seemed the sensible thing to do. We all dug graves for the five bodies and Delph said some prayers bidding his god to protect them in the next life. Felinor drew his long sword and took one knee in the sign of prayer to Iomedae bidding that she let justice find their killers.

As the light of day was fading and the shadows from the woods reached across the farm yard a noise of chanting came from the wood line. In half a moment five skeletons began crawling out of the ground. Their skeletal hands reaching for our feet and hampering us from retreating. Five more zombies rose out of the fresh graves and began clawing at our clothes and reaching for our arms and necks with rotting, fleshy hands. Korzan called out that it was [edit] Vortigern, a rival apprentice whom he had known and who worked for a friend of his master. Vortigern with the raven who might have been following us and Vortigern, it appeared, was quite powerful to be an apprentice!

childzombie.jpgI shouted to my companions to get to the shelter of the farm house in hope of minimizing their attacking from multiple angles. I took a swing at the nearest zombie child with my sword but miss as I have a hard time thinking of this child we just buried as a monster. I ran for the door. I only made it to the opening as a nearby skeleton reached out and hit me with his rusted axe across my arm and shoulder. It bit deep as the rusted weapon tore through my cloth padding. I then saw Felinor sprint for the other door while making a shot at the nearest zombie with his pistol. It had little effect at stopping the undead.

From the middle of the fray I heard Korzan cry out with pain and saw an arrow puncturing his mages robes in his chest. A skeleton near me swung his rusty axe again and I failed to block, distracted by the overwhelming scene in the fading light. Ten enemy engaged in melee combat encircled the five of us and at least one archer and a mage hid in the woods. I feared for my companions’ lives. Nearly staggered from the attack I saw Delph get hit with a similar attack. He cried out to his god and prayed for aid in this moment of unholy onslaught. I immediately felt a familiar warmth of energy slowly spreading through my body like a fire warms one’s body after a day of work in the cold. It started in my fingers and spread quickly up my arms and through my torso and then down my legs and up to my face. The deep cuts of from the axe closed to small wounds. I received the energy I need to keep my feet and face the undead.

skeleton3.pngTsen let out a cry of pain even though I did not see the attack. He had his katana in one hand and a shield in the other. Fending off an enemy on each side. Felinor moved closer to the door of the house hoping to make a fatal funnel as they followed him in. He got hit while drawing his long sword and stowing his pistol. From across the fray Bromi grunted and retaliated with two quick flurries to the skeleton crushing its bones and it fell to the ground in a heap. A collective cry of praise went up from three people with the first enemy dead.

The fight went on for what felt like ten minutes. We exchanged melee blows with the zombies and skeletons while getting pepered from the woods by arrows and magic bolts. We did not make it into the house and nearly lost three of our party. Delph did some sort of magical attack that affected all the undead in the area. If it had not been for him we would have surely died. Thus, when he fell to the ground in combat I ran to his side and immediately poured the magical vial of healing potion from my belt. Delph has saved my life more than I can count on this adventure already and we would all be lost without him. While I was fending off foes and tending Delph, Korzan fell also. I couldn’t get to him in time and when I finally did see his body I could tell from the flow of blood that he was not able to be saved today. I did not have time to mourn just then as Bromi was hit with an arrow from the woods and fell to the ground. I feared the worst. Felinor made it to his side. I saw him bend to aid Bromi as I fended off an attack. Delph was able to cast another round of healing on us and saved me from death one more time. Tsen had not been idle and he finished off the last remaining zombie leaving just the ones in the woods. Both Tsen, Felinor, and I run for the edge of the woods dodging sporadic arrows and engaged one half-orc in combat. He dropped his bow and engaged with a nasty looking battleaxe as we closed. Tsen attacked him with a force I can only dream of matching. He slashed through the man’s shoulder and buried it in his sternum. The man bled out in seconds. The man had served his purpose, however, as we were unable to find any sign of Vortigern or the other guard who had been firing at us.

Delph examined our employer, Korzan, in greater detail and determined that even his powers were not sufficient to heal Korzan. Felinor continued to bandage Bromi and stop the bleeding. He was aware of his surroundings and in good spirits considering his near brush with death.

We mourned the loss of our employer but thought the worst was over. We were discussing searching Korzan for information when Tsen noticed that the amulet he had previously worn was nowhere around him. We quickly determined that the amulet was possibly the aim of the attack and we had not only lost our employer but also the most important object of the mission. Felinor and I dragged the dead half-orc over to the disturbed graves and we began digging again.

On his body we found a still useful set of studded leather armor, a small shield, his battle axe, a short bow with 20 more arrows, 23 gold and 16 silvers. The skeletons each had a nearly useless (but painful) rusted hand axe. We also took the time to search the house for useful items for our voyage. We would head to Fairhill and figure out what to do.

Searching the house we took inventory of items the farm family would no longer need in their next life. A worn short sword hung over the hearth, a sad reminder of some previous family member who may have been trained to protect his family. It had not been claimed in this incident leading us to suspect the family was surprised completely by their attackers. The kitchen was quite full of dried provisions, rice, corn, potatoes, some limited cured meats, and a few baskets of lettuce, turnips, and radishes. A few jars in the back had milk in various stages of producing butter and cheese. There were a few wedges of finished cheese on shelves in the cupboard. Outside there were three cows, 4 pigs, and about 30 chickens. I immediately took notice of the draft horse and light wagon that we could use to replace the fallen donkey and minimize our need for two carts.
horseshoe-clip-art-92.jpgI took the time to load up some of the food stuffs into the wagon. We caged two chickens and loaded them too but elected to leave the pigs and cows for the difficulty involved. We hitched the horse to the wagon with tack in the barn and he seemed to take it well. My guess is that his previous masters had made the trip to Fairhill on a simi-regular basis. Many of the items on the farm showed more skilled work like the plough and shovels. There was not a blacksmith forge on the farm so he would have had to trade for such items.

We unloaded Korzan’s cart into the wagon and left the cart. Felinor was happy to have Clouswitz unburdened as the harness had not fit him properly. Clouswitz stomped around in a show of excitement.

It was now rather dark as our efforts of investigating the area, burying the dead, fighting, reburying the dead, and loading the supplies had taken over three hours. Sitting around debating to leave in the dark or stay at the house for the night Felinor remarked about our progress so far. “Let’s not list this on our resume, guys.”
Gavin's Journal - Stranger on the road

Previous Adventure Log Spear.png

Stranger on the Road
The day had dawned clear and the sun was breaking in through the canopy above casting light down on the ground. It was a welcome change after the previous three days of rain. I hung out my wet socks to dry on the edge of my cart and others did the same. Our waterlogged boots began to dry out with the heat of our feet and dryer air. Spirits were on the rise after the sleepless night.

An hour before noon Felinor caught scent of a wood-burning campfire from not far away. Halting the progress of our little band of adventurers we sent Bromi forward to scout the area for threats. Bromi shortly returned describing a heavily armed and armored man dressed in black cooking over a fire. He had a horse and a pack animal for his equipment. He appeared alone in the camp.

Delph quickly hatched a plan to have Bromi pretend to be sick, displaying his constant irritated skin condition, and to use this as an opening for conversation with the man in black. Bromi reluctantly agreed to play the comatose, boil ridden patient of Delph and made a bed in the back of Gavin’s cart. We began our nonchalant approach with Felinor in the lead, Clouswitz (the horse) pulling Korzan’s cart with Korzan atop, Gavin leading his donkey and cart with Bromi inside and Delph tending the patient and watching the rear of our element. It was a well-thought-out rouse.

Tsen.pngAs we began to emerge from the woods into the small clearing where the man had made his lunch camp he looked up and saw us. He did not appear to be threatened by the appearance of four armed travelers but he was himself well armed. As we neared I could see that he was dressed in a southern style favorite of the Samuari warriors from Qadira or Osirion. But elsewhere too. It brought up memories of training with my old friend in Absalom who had taught me the style of swordsmanship I now practice; but I digress from the story.

Delph, our group’s undisputed spokesman, worked his way to the front of the line and made first introductions. Tsen (pronounced zen) introduced himself and welcomed us to share his small cooking fire for our own lunch. Tsen was interested in Bromi’s condition and Delph filled him in on the near-constant wasting sickness that had struck our friend. “It comes in waves,” Delph explained, “Sometimes he is up and about but then some days he is in this comatose state and we must carry him along.” Tsen expressed interest in trying to understand the conditions of the disease and asked after Bromi’s home and places he had visited.

As we sat down at the fire Tsen finished his cooking and Korzan began the preparations for our own meal. Tsen was a pleasant but enigmatic man. I took notice of his weapons that I had seen from a distance with the obvious hilts of the katana and smaller wakizashi. He also had the naginata strapped to the saddle of his horse. From up close the weapons looked incredible. The outsides were works of art and I could only imagine the blades were equally as powerful. I voiced my appraisal and asked after the weapons’ lineage. Tsen appreciated the notice but did not offer to share the history simply saying they were stunning works of craftsmanship and did have a storied past but it was not the time for it now. We agreed to spar after lunch.

During the meal Tsen shared an account of his time on the road. He said his friends, three members of the Dragon’s Talon had been beset upon by a pack of Leucrotta several days earlier killing all three while he was scouting the road ahead. He had returned at the noise of their battle to find only blood and equipment dropped after their bone-crushing defeat by the beasts. They had not bothered him further as he hurried on his way toward Fairhill. Tsen said his party was on the way to help villagers deal with a problem out of their ability. Delph shared in the horrors of his loss and told of our own near fatal encounters with the two beasts that were now named.

After lunch Tsen and I sparred with the wooden training swords typical of the practice. We went two rounds with Tsen winning both. His command of the katana was indeed better than mine. I attribute this to my scholastic study taking up more than half of my training. But I enjoyed the lessons. I attacked time and again to have him deflect my blows. While we exchanged over a dozen blows I only landed one. It was a good lesson for me on maintaining my own defense as he landed two back to back blows that knocked me out. I came to a moment later and I bowed to him acknowledging his mastery and he bowed back thanking me for the practice. His courtesy was very formal and left me thinking that he had perhaps been raised in the culture and should have had a future in service to a noble and not roaming the wild woods so far from home.

In all the time of sharing the fire and sparring I never saw his face. His deep cowl left his face shaded fully. He also wore gloves and close fitting armor that covered all of his skin. It was an odd approach for a man who seemed open to questions and sharing but clearly he was hiding something. Or maybe like Bromi he had his own skin disease.

As he was putting away the swords I noticed the emblem of Sarenrae, Goddess of the Sun, embroidered on his horse blanket. Assuming the horse was his it was a good sign as Sarenrae is a good god who favors healing, honesty, redemption and the sun. She was a Keleshite god and perhaps our friend, being the same, did not want to stick out in the north with his dark skin.

Bromi this whole time had been laying in the back of the cart cursing Delph for his lie that meant he would not get lunch today. He was not going to let it go on forever and took the moment before Korzan threw away the food to “wake up” and ask for food and water. Delph proclaimed it a wonderful turn of fate that our comatose friend had woken and was strong enough to use his own legs. I picked up on a lot of eye twitching winks back and forth between Delph and Bromi as I am sure Tsen did also.

Being that this road was rather remote and we had come from the opposite direction, Tsen took a chance and asked if we were heading to Fairhill and if we would like to travel with him. A few quick glances around our group and we agreed to travel with Tsen. Tsen was traveling lighter and faster and soon offered to scout ahead and report back as was often his role with the Dragon’s Talon. I could see the question marks in Bromi’s mind and Delph also felt a bit uneasy. But we let him go in hopes he would return with useful information and not that he would set a trap for us.
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Gavin's Journal - Sleepless Night

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We were once again set upon by the elusive mother beast. Despite traveling roughly fifteen miles the badger-horse beast began making the mimicking crying noise three hours after sunset. Even with a full moon the light under the dense tree cover was too little to aid us in finding the beast. Bromi and I shared the first watch. We heard the beast and Bromi saw it to the north of camp. We roused the rest of the group and went into the woods in a group trying to end the threat. However as we ventured further away from camp thinking we were on the trail of the beast we heard a horrific sound come from one of the donkeys in camp. We returned as quickly as possible but were too late. One donkey lay dead with two crushing bite attacks and the other was bleeding from a gaping wound at its neck.

Delph came up and cured my donkey, the stalwart beast I had traveled with for the previous four months. We used Felinor’s horse to drag Korzan’s dead donkey away from camp and used it as bait for the beast. With two people on guard duty the rest of us tried to sleep again. Felinor was on guard duty when I was awakened by the sound of his arcane boom stick, or “gun” as he calls it. Grabbing my sword and exchanging looks with those around me I ran toward the sound of the noise. Felinor was halfway between camp and the carcass. I approached and made my way to the dead donkey but could see nothing. I carefully withdrew to camp while ready for an attack at any moment. It was about four in the morning judging by the location of the full moon light barely breaking through the tree cover.

The party decided that we were better to stay in a group near the fire than to adventure out into the woods after the beast as that had proven fruitless on several occasions. As of yet the beast had not attacked us while we were in a group. It seemed they preferred to lure us away from the group and pick us off one at a time. We wouldn’t give them that opportunity again.

Breaking camp before dawn we hitched Korzan’s cart with the food and supplies to Felinor’s light war horse that was not happy with being burdened as such. We got on the road toward our objective still two full days away.
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Gavin's Journal - Night Fight

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Spear.pngExcerpt from the Adventures of Gavin Vors, Pathfinder Chronicler


It was the third day of traveling toward the tower when we were set upon in the middle of the night by an unknown beast. It was the fifth hour of the night when I stepped away from the fire to investigate a noise like a crying baby not far from our campsite. The thing was extremely proficient at stalking and hunting and appeared out of the darkness as if by magic. Immediately upon exiting the small clearing the beast with a head like a badger and a lean equine body sunk its teeth into me with ripping ferocity. With a mouth like razor blades and the strength of a maul it dealt damage to armor and body alike. It then attacked with it hind legs delivering a crushing blow to my chest knocking me to the ground breathless. Taken by surprise I gathered my wits while still retaining my katana in hand. At least my training was paying off. Immediately backing out of reach of the beast I rose to my feet and gave another cry of alarm more purposeful than the cry of anguish which had escaped during the initial attack. While I wavered on my feet with blood streaming from the punctures and lacerations of my arm I might have been finished but for the grace of the Delph’s healing powers. In an instant of shock and wonder I saw the ripped sinews of my arm knit back together and quickly close to just some raw tender flesh. The crushed bone became whole, the bleeding ceased and the pain subsided as I saw the creature close towards me again. I saw intelligence in its eyes glowing green in the firelight. It meant to eat me for sure. In that heartbeat I knew that it was me or this horse sized monster that both resembled a large cat and a badger.
adv1_Session2.PNGIts bashing teeth came at me again as I dodged and it again knocked me to the ground. The others in my party were awake now and closed to attack. They gave me the moment to land a solid blow with my katana severing the head from the beast. Think ourselves free of the threat we retreated to the light of the fire and assessed our wounds. That was when we heard the cry from another beast. It was a larger beast. With its anger and vengeance we took it that this was the mother. Taking a quick breath I again joined the fray with Bromi, Delph, and Felinor. Felinor got a shot off with his black powder arcane blasting rod and Bromi attacked with his bare hands. Delph called on his God to save us all as the 800-pound beast brought me to my knees. After several attacks the beast ran off and despite our best attempts to follow it eluded us in the dark. I returned to the camp and another round of Delph’s prayers.
Still bleeding a little but with no broken bones I grabbed my quill and notebook and sketched the beast as it had attacked leaping from the woods. I have taken samples of its hair, teeth, hooves, ear, eye, and tail for study later.
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Post-Session Wrap Up


Thanks for a great first session! If you have any suggests or comments, shoot them my way. I welcome all such feedback. Sorry for any scheduling confusion, please do ensure you have your timezone settings adjusted for your location. I’m likely to get the next one set out for next week, perhaps Thursday night might work?

Summarized interactions

Upon entering the inn and surrendering visible weapons the party met the bartender of the establishment, Boblin, and it’s main waitress, Esvlin. They were showed to the private dining area and met with Korzan to begin discussing terms. After a brief back-and-forth the party requested the room for a private discussion and Korzan left with Esvlin to secure their meals, in hopes of striking a reasonable bargain. The party scoured the room for any sort of eavesdropping and Delph’s magical investigations showed a raven outside one window with an aura. Upon discovery, the raven promptly flew off. The party came to an agreement on requested terms and invited Korzan, and dinner, back into the room.

Another short bargaining session occurred with the party asking after the raven spotted previously. The keen senses of Felinor were not fooled by Korzan’s smooth speech though and he probed for additional information about the mission and the raven. Korzan shared that he had a premonition he was being followed but did not know the source. Korzan and the party then concluded a successful verbal deal on escorting/guarding him on the journey to the town of Fairhill and the tower of Fairlyon the Mage. Shortly after the agreement was struck (2GP per character per day, first half up front, successful mission with a 16 GP bonus and full sum paid out to the party, regardless of number of returnees and provisions of reasonable and good quality) 4 assailants entered the room and asked for a word with Korzan. Things escalated quickly and soon after a fight broke out.

Ending State

When the dust settled the party is still in the private dining room of the Drowned Pixie Inn along with three corpses, Kezler, the bouncer, and Korzan. Only one player is still slightly wounded and OOC a potential renegotiation of the terms was in the near future. The fourth member of the gang, which fled due to a fear spell from Delph has not yet been seen.

Final Words

We’ll look to pick up the pieces and, perhaps, begin the journey toward Fairhill, in earnest next time. If you have any questions, activities or other information you’d like your character to ask, do or learn, I encourage you to write a short post about it or send me an email to help handle that. Ideally, we’d have any desires for re-negotiated (in OOC terms) somewhat settled before we start next time.


Gavin's Journal - Meet and Greet
Previous Adventure Logcold-steel-boar-spear-18.gifGavin had pulled the note advertising the job off the board at the Ravenous Shark and discussed it with his acquaintances. Even though he had only recently met most of the assembled party there seemed a certain level of intrigue to the group. Reading over the posting again he intoned “Korzan” and “The Drowned Pixie” while memorizing it.

“Two gold pieces a day sounds pretty good to me.” He said to the table. “Far better than I can earn scribing scrolls for merchants. AND…Glory, Fame, and Treasure is what I live for.” He finished.

Delph retorted, “I think we can do better on the wages. I’ll put on the charm with him to see that he can sweeten the pot.”

Bromi sat in his chair looking around the room self-consciously pulling at the wraps covering his hands and tugged his hood forward around his face. “I’ll be happy to get away from so many prying eyes” he said looking around expecting everyone in the room to be staring at him.

Paying their individual bills the four members made the trek from the Ravenous Shark in the scummy dock side part of town to the Drowned Pixie located in a much more upscale part of town. Filled with merchant men and ship captains instead of their previous stevedores and felons this was a huge step up. Gavin had elected to wear his studded leather greaves and lamellar cuirass with his traditional Katana for the meet and greet…an audition if you will. And one he intended to show his potential employer that he, and his companions, were ready to undertake. The other weapons and equipment were half in the strong boxes on his cart in the stable with his donkey and half in a rented room inside the Ravenous Shark. (let me know if you need to know what is where)

Throwing caution to the wind, he and the party made their way to find Korzan without any preliminary reconnaissance or intel gathering. Not a way you ordinarily want to do business but time was against them. Who knew how many posters this Korzan had placed and how many people would be showing up to offer their services. If they waited until the morning they may lose out entirely.

Immediately upon entering the Drowned Pixie it was clear this was an up-scale place. The room was much lighter and the air much clearer than any travelers tavern Gavin had seen in many months. Drinking and game tables spread out across the large tap room were richly decorated. There were not too many people at this early evening hour but the number of seats and the full pig recently placed on the hearth spoke to the normal full crowd. Glancing to his companions for agreement he let his eyes linger on Bromi for a bit longer than anyone else. Poor guy. What horrible affliction causes him so much pain and disfigurement? Outloud he said, “Find Korzan and find us a job.” It was a question and a statement. Felinor nodded his agreement and Bromi indicated he would follow a little bit behind.

After the foyer there were two fortified bouncers who demanded our business and explained it was required to surrender our weapons. “To keep the peace” they explained. One of the bouncers, Kezler, was a brutish looking man with a recently broken nose. It was painful looking, swollen and red. He spoke with a nasal tone to his voice.

After surrendering the larger noticeable weapons, including Felinor’s sorcerous firearm-much to his chagrin, we were allowed passage into the inn. The bar was along the back wall and Felinor and Gavin approached to enquire of the bartender after Korzan. Eying the party with a little bit of doubt the bartender introduced himself as Boblin and offered dinner and drink. He also let it known that the inn did not presently have any room for them. It was fairly obvious that he did not think the party was the type who could afford to stay.

Purchasing a beer each the party was shown to a back room where a single man sat with eight tables. Introductions were made all around and Delph came in to make his grand entrance just as everyone was sitting down. Korzan was thrilled to learn that his note was found and the four adventurers in front of him wanted to take the trip. Korzan described the terms of the agreement and explained the task of journeying to the tower of deceased mage who had left all his belongings to Korzan’s master. This is to be Korzan’s first task as a full apprentice to his master. And apparently his master was not as interested in the items located in the tower as using it as a means for Korzan to prove himself. Korzan was hiring the party as body guards for the near two weeks.

Delph asked to confer with the group alone and Korzan stepped out. Before discussing the party took steps to ensure they were alone. Felinor, Bromi, and Gavin using more mundane means and Delph casting to look for any magical effects in the room. His work paid off and Delph discovered a small familiar perched on the windowsill outside. He took off immediately upon discovery and the party, slightly alarmed, was left to discuss their terms. Delph persuaded the party that he could get Korzan to up the pay because the initial promise of great wealth inside the tower seemed very unlikely. Everyone was willing to undertake the job.

After Korzan returned and new rounds of beer and food were ordered and brought in Delph put on the charm. He made convincing arguments and questioned if Korzan knew anything of the familiar that had spied on the party. It took some coaxing out of him as he fumbled to lie about it but finally admitted that he believed he may being followed. Using this to his advantage Delph pushed for more pay and it was clear that Korzan did not have much more room in his allowance. But he offered sixteen more gold at the conclusion of the quest and promised to pay the party’s wages (two per person per day) for four people regardless of how many returned. He also parted with the first six days worth of wages up front.

It was at this time that a man came through the door from the other room and began approaching the table with the five members. He had a stern face and gave no greeting. Upon reaching the table he demanded who Korzan was. Korzan timidly admitted he was. Two other men entered and went into the privi at the front of the room. They had the same stern face as this man. Delph asked what the man wanted and the man rather gruffly responded it was between he and Korzan. A fourth man entered from the other room and went into the privi. It seemed a bit odd that three men would venture into the small room all at once. Common decency would almost dictate otherwise.

Almost at once the room took a turn for the worse. The newcomer reached for Korzan like he intended to hull him out of the room and Delph, sitting at the end of the table, punched him in the ribs. Felinor, Gavin, and Bromi were up in a second too. Gavin moved toward the fight drawing his curved Kerambit from its hiding spot and missed the dodging man at the end of the table. The three men from the privi emerged a second later with weapons and joined the fray. They must have stashed them in the toilet or had someone down there who snuck them inside from outside. That is commitment. What did they want with Korzan?


After nearly twenty seconds Korzan’s scream for Boblin and Kezler was answered by the two men dashing into the room with weapons and quickly ending the lives of the remaining men. One had gotten away in the chaos. Delph’s spell had instilled such fear in his heart that the man was not seen again that evening.

Enemy weapons quickly confiscated by Kezler and his companion the corpses were dragged out back to whatever ending the party was not told. Boblin made many apologies with comments of “How rare,” and “this never happens here. You must not think of paying for your dinner or drink thus far.”

Korzan smiled saying, “What hospitality. This is why I love the Drowned Pixi more than any other bar in the country!” Turning to his four recent hires he confirmed, “We will leave an hour after sunrise tomorrow. I encourage you to stock up tonight on any last minute supplies you may need. I will bring food provisions as promised. But remember, we will be gone for near on twelve days.” He passed around the twelve gold to each member and then bid them good night. He retired to his room in the Drowned Pixi and left the party to return to their rooms at the less reputable Ravenous Shark.
Gavin’s Night Fight
Gavin's Journal - The Hook
Spear.pngThe trip to this seaside town and the welcome of the Ravenous Shark had been a long one. Gav reflected on the calendar, 30 Rova 4714. He had left Absalom nearly four months ago. The sea crossing had been its own sort of perilous. A storm to rival that of a maelstrom rose out of the west on the fourth day and set them a week off course. After fifteen days at sea he disembarked with his strong boxes and purchased a donkey and cart from a farmer having recently sold off his harvest. The donkey was a hardy beast with a docile demeanor. It had been a good investment. Felinor had been an interesting companion along the road too. Gav had partnered up with him out of Absalom to seek out adventure. They had a few scrapes with wild animals and thugs along the road and spent months in and out of towns looking for small jobs. Finding occasional employ as escorts for traders but that barely brought in enough to pay for food and did not provide funds nor access to noteworthy exploits for a Pathfinder. Gavin had hired out his services as a scribe a few times but still didn’t have much to show for his time on the road.

Gavin, read over the words on the vellum scroll in a few seconds letting the words enter his mind through the dual oculi in the front of the apex compartment of his body. So many descriptions of wounds sustained in the hundreds of chronicles he had absorbed made him think of himself as just another scientific specimen. He appreciated the attention with which the lettering had been drawn on this rich vellum. It meant that the employer must have resources to at least get this company off the starting point. Six days to reach the tower, he wondered silently. Is that just to reach the tower to start or is that three days each way with a few more while there? Questions for Korzan for sure. What got Gavin excited about the prospect of this letter was the well phrased second sentence in the first paragraph: “to seek out glory, fame and treasure from the abandoned tower of a mighty mage.” With Glory, Fame, and Mighty Mage sticking out the most. It was exactly what he had been looking for these last few months. At last, something to chronicle and send back to the Society. It might even lead to his first publication…At least he hoped. Time to find out more.

Gavin returned to his table to have a drink and mull over the proposition. He would have to find this Drowned Pixie Inn and Korzan therein. Felinor looked at him after returning to his seat. Four months on the road with Gav and Felinor knew exactly that Gavin was calculating the monetary and scholastic gain.

“Remember, Gavin, fame and glory gained in this mortal coil pale in comparison to that which is gained in service to Iomedae. Let her pure light guide you, not the gold–tinged light of greed.”

Gavin smiled at him. True zealots are a unique sort of breed.
Next Adventure Log
It Begins
The Introduction


You find your yourself seated in the tavern of midsize seaport town on the edge of a large sea. The Ravenous Shark has clearly seen better days but somehow fits your mood. As you sip at your beverage of choice and mull where your next coins will come a well-dressed young man enters and strides straight for the Announcements Board. He pulls a scroll of velum from his dress robes and pins it to the bottom right corner, on top of several other announcements. The Ravenous Shark seems to have a very relaxed “clean-up” policy on its board. The man has copper-red hair and a well-tanned face. After affixing the bottom of the scroll he heads to the bar, flips the bartender the required gold coin for use of the board, nods, and turns on his heel for the door. His robes swirl wide as he pivots and heads back toward daylight and his next stop.

Out of curiosity (and little else to do) you go join a few other patrons in examining the scroll. The young man’s handwriting is clean and flowing; clearly a man of letters and learning. Some basic illuminations are included, along with other calligraphic embellishments. It reads:
WANTED: Adventurers of Stout Heart!

Seeking several traveling companions of like mind to venture in search of adventure. Our objective will be to seek out glory, fame and treasure from the abandoned tower of a mighty mage.

Terms: 2 gold pieces per day of travel, with six (6) days expected to reach the tower. A small additional sum for provisions for the journey. One equal share of any treasure found.

If interested, please see Korzan at The Drowned Pixie Inn.

Perhaps this young man could use your services?

Character Creation Guidelines
How to Roll Your Role

Depending on the number of you that choose to partake we’ll adjust ability scores up or down before we get started. In a smaller group we’’ll make you each more powerful for now please look to use a 15 point, standard point buy. I know this makes creation a bit less exciting, but it greatly simplifies the entire process for me and keeps everyone on a level playing field (for now). If you lack gaming books please ping me and I’ll get you access to my PDF collection or contribute some bucks to the fine folks at Paizo and snag a copy of the rules.

For now, we won’t have a major specified campaign setting. As such, a selection of traits will be harder. We can correct that in future adventures if this seems like it’s going to get off the ground. For classes, skills, feats etc, please feel free to select anything in the Paizo collection. If I don’t have the source material please provide details so I can evaluate. Please don’t be offended if I veto something – I”m pretty lenient (I think) and would be happy to work to get you a character you want to run. Please do not generate evil characters. I don’t have problem with them in a party per se, but this is our first go. Let’s try to play nicely for a few hours :D.

Please create your character in Hero Lab. If you do not have a copy of the software, no problem, please ping me and we’ll leverage my copy. It will make both our lives easier and means we can directly import your character into the other software tool we need to leverage to make this game go: d20 Pro. Please snag a copy of the software and get it running on a machine of your choice. I should have enough seats (soon…hurry up Kickstarter!) to handle the entire party, so there is no need for you to purchase a license if you don’t have one (I’ll have 6 seats). We’ll set a first session to ensure everyone can get in, see the maps and do some basic combat together. Our second session is when we’ll begin in earnest.

- what do I mean by Paizo products, just the Core Rulebook? Nope, I mean any product Paizo has put out for Pathfinder is open game. I don’t have everything they’ve published so you might need to assist me on the source. Somethings that seem too specific or off will likely get shot down for this first go. But…in general, likely anything is fine.

- what are my limitations on feats/class/race/weapons/armor? See the above. If they green light it I’m likely good for it. As we aren’t in a set campaign world we aren’t going to have a lot supporting infrastructure there to set specifics. So…find something you want to play and go with it.

- do we have the required healing/fighting/roguing/casting/barding characters (well, no one asks about bards but…)? My answer will always be “Yes” to this. Even if we have none of one of those archetypes. Will it be harder? Absolutely. May some characters die? Perhaps. But I’d rather folks play something they are into and want to play than play something they feel is required. We’ll make it work either way.

- what is the starting money situation? Please plan to use the average gold piece values outlined in the rules +25% of that value (that is, 75% of the maximum starting gold you could get for your class). This will be the baseline. I’m still figuring out percentages but I’m likely going to offer out additional amounts of starting gold for supplying backstory materials. Probably in the tune of 5-10% per item or contribution. What do I mean by that? Well, work up a backstory outline, and that’s worth 10% of the average starting gold. Add some stories, written in or out of character, that explain or elaborate on a backstory plot item and that’s worth another shot of money. I do think I’ll allow more than a “100%” allocation of gold for those that really want to lay it out there. As an example you can read the backstory plot bits for a character I created a bit ago here :

https://fearless-few.obsidianportal.com/characters/neshtan-the-golden <>< this would net you considerably more

Don’t feel like writing or digging in that far? Find that much a bit over the line? No worries. You still have more gold than the average starting character and you can use it as you see fit.

- what’s our timeline? I’d like to get characters in and a nose count no later than the end of this week if we can. I’d love to get a brief session going to kick some tires but…I know I’m pushing folks and some may need time to get access to Hero Lab and other resources. So, I’d hope to be running the first session in two weeks. Right now, I’m thinking a Tuesday or Thursday night would be best during the week (or a weekend night). I’m up early those mornings so gaming the night before is likely out.

- can you email everyone so we can coordinate our party? Yes, once I know who is in. Those that send back confirmation are being invited here as well.


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