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Gavin's Journal - Thief

After learning that Amlodd had made off with the horses from the estate and stolen our own caravan of equipment and that Arjana had escaped into the night through the woods [Bromi is out searching the rocks] Gavin speaks his mind.

Delph, Felinor, our own ally has betrayed us and taken off with our equipment. If there is a hint of truth to what Arjana says then we must pursue Amlodd and find out if he is involved with the scheme. He is no doubt running back to town to either report us as alying with Arjana against the town or to seek aid from his supposed allies and then ambush us upon return for what we now know. Either way he poses the greatest risk to us now. And he has my donkey and cart full of our food and equipment. The time to pursue is now. He is not ten minutes gone from here and traveling with four horses, a donkey, and a cart. He will be forced to stay on the road and move at a reduced pace. If we do not go now and catch him tonight then his lead will grow as we are unable to make up the distance.

I propose we catch Amlodd, and his companion, and then question him. Once we have him perhaps we can use him as a bargaining chip to gain Arjana’s trust. We will get to the bottom of what she is doing. We can still take her into town but I think we are going to have to get our hands dirty and trick her by siding with her first. To whatever outcome I think our path now is clear.

If we were to pursue Arjana on her home field advantage, at night, we would waste precious time and allow Amlodd to beat us to town. And either way I think that would end poorly for us.

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Tsen Takes His Leave

As you ride into the outskirts of Fairhill, Tsen pulls back to the middle of the wagons and signals a short pause. After the cart and wagon roll to a stop on the side of the road he clears his throat and states:

“I think this is where our paths diverge friends. It seems you are set on one course of action and I am on another. I very much appreciate your time and help in putting to rest those undead and driving off the mage. Perhaps he will be in town here as well and we can enlist the help of the local guards – I’d be on the look out either way. I do not know my contacts name but I’m to stay at the Waving Hand Inn for a night or two and I expect they will come to me. I’ll report into the guards in the morning regarding the family and their deaths. I’m not sure of your intentions but I’ll be providing a full account of what I saw.

If our paths don’t re-cross, may Sarenrae bless you and illuminate your path.” He nods and taps his palomino’s flanks setting him to a canter and pulling the pack horse behind him.

As the dust settles out and you pull back on to the highway you are now down one member of your impromptu party….

Felinor's Research

During our morning gathering to break our fast (second full day in Fairhill), Felinor passes on what he learned while serving in the Temple.

The Curse on House Muric is, by far, the most significant issue and has been on-going for roughly five years. Those afflicted by the curse slowly mutate into monsters and go mad. Apparently those afflicted generally stay on the Muric estate though. There are some whisperings of the curse beginning to spread into other areas, possibly threatening other parts of the town. We should speak with Caiden Arien for more information. the head cleric Jestine, offered assistance if we wish to address the curse.

As for the bandits, they are better equipped than most after having hijacked shipments from merchants in the town. We should speak with High Guardswoman Shefana of the town guard if we wish to address the bandits.

Regarding the live stock, I found out little more than we already know, other than it is a grave concern in an area already suffering. If we wish more information we should speak with the High Guardswoman.
If / when we chose to address either the tower or the vamp, she may be persuaded to accompany us.

After breakfast Felinor will go speak with the High Guardswoman regarding both the livestock and the bandits to identify which issue is more pressing for the town. At this point I believe we should address one of these two issues first to build rapport in the town, then address the curse.

Should we cast a vote for which issue to address first and in what order?

Gavin's Journal - Legwork, Leucrotta

Gavin made his way to the temple of Iomedae on the western edge of Fairhill after a light breakfast at the Waving Hand and stopping to see his trusty pony and new draft horse at the Blackbrand Stables. Viktor Blackbrand had put them up at an affordable rate. The breakfast had been tasty and the horses in fine shape.

Gavin was heading to make his prayers and thanksgiving for life. Iomedae had tested him but shown light on him these last few days. He thought the warrior goddess would have expected more of him but he had come out on top, with help. He would beg her forgiveness and strength to go out and best his enemies with greater honor the next time.

He had celebrated life in his usual methods: Food, drink, company, and sleep. He wrote in his journal and then washed this morning. There was a simple shaving bowl and mirror in his small room above the Waving Hand. It was a nice wood building. Likely built out of the local timber a hundred years ago when the forest was closer to the town. He used his small shaving blade to trim up his shaggy hair and then dressed. He had dressed in his nice cotton shirt, flax leggings and laced up his leather boots. He buckled on his belt and short sword over that. Securing his long dagger in his boot he took one last look in the mirror. Nothing special to look at he reminded himself. But better than yesterday. Light pink scar tissue crept up from beneath his shirt collar. If it hadn’t been for Delph that wound would have killed him. But thank Iomedae, he was here today.

Arriving at the stone building Gavin was struck by the fortified look of the building. It was a beautiful building for the relatively small community but yet looked like it was ready to be the town’s last defense in case of an attack. Whomever built this building had certainly had the goddess of war mentality in mind. The building itself was in the shape of a shield with walls as the outsides of that shield. Beautiful but stark in its decoration. More function over form.

Gavin mused over the slightly interesting nature of such a large presence of the warrior goddess in this town. Her priests traditionally go toward the fight and it may be nothing, but it could mean something is going on here. Or maybe a battle might have brought them here centuries ago.

Walking inside the main public temple Gavin observed an area for the followers to sit and worship. The walls were whitewashed, inside and out. There were high doorways and arches with pillars supporting the ceilings and walls. Statues of knights adorned cutouts along the walls. Emerging from an alcove a priest clad in ankle-length white cassock with gold trim and matching mitre. The symbol of Iomedae, the sword of valor, was elaborately embroidered on the front of the cassock. The priest wore an ornate long sword hanging from his belt.

“For Victory, For the Heart.” The priest greeted approaching me.

“She gave nine drops of her blood.” I responded with the phrase of the ninth act of Iomedae. It was a common saying among the cavilers in Lastwall that reminded themselves of her sacrifices and that they may be called to do the same someday. That act also portrayed Iomedae freeing nine knights being held by a vampire-mage. If there were a vampire problem in the area as Tsen had been lead to believe, then perhaps this would encourage the priest to talk about what he knows.
“Well met, traveler. I am Sword Knight Greer. What can we help you with today?

“Well met, Sword Knight, I am Gavin Vors. I am hoping to speak with your historian about some creatures we encountered on the road. Something about these creatures rings a bell but I cannot recall the details.”

His eyes glazed over at the mere mention of “historian” and he did not even show interest in the creature. But without any hesitation he pointed me in the direction of a priest named Hardigan. I guess if it didn’t have to deal with a sword Greer wasn’t your man. Sword Knights of the Inheritor were an interesting breed. They used their swords for everything. Even baptisms required the use of a sword. It was the chief symbol of their order and they made sure to incorporate it at every event. Except apparently research.

Hardigan proved to be less military in appearance and didn’t carry a sword. The embroidered symbol was enough for him. The fourty-ish year old man looked happy in his small room full of books and scrolls where he took to his duties as scribe and historian very seriously. Greetings exchanged I asked him about the Leucrotta we had met on the road. He was not familiar with it but began pulling down several texts dealing with magical beasts and we narrowed it to evil ones based on Felinor’s detection by the spell. Hardigan and I read through sections from a dozen tomes before finding a description under another name. There was no doubt this was the very beast we had run into in the woods each night.

This chimera resembles a strange mix of animals with the head of a feral badger, the body of a lean predatory cat and the feet of a stag. This odd mixture probably results from being the spawn of Lamashtu, the mother of monsters. If legend is to be believed this chimera was created when Lamashtu took a particularly large, virile hyena as a mate. They are about five feet tall and weigh around eight hundred pounds.

Both our studies of religion and studies of evil immediately called to light the tales of Lamashtu. Lamashtu (pronounced lah-MAHSH-too) is the mother and patroness of many misshapen and malformed creatures that crawl, slither, or flap on, above, or below the surface of Golarion. Hardigan grabbed a tome off the shelf dealing with divinity and flipped to the section on her.

Lamashtu was once a mighty demon lord. In ages past she was allied with Pazuzu, though the exact nature of their alliance is often disputed by scholars of demon lore. Some say they were lovers, others say siblings, or simply convenient allies. What is known for certain is that she lured the god Curchanus into her territory and beset him with swarms of demons and other monsters until he was weak enough for her to attack him. By defeating him, she ripped his godly domain over beasts from him, beginning an ancient vendetta with Curchanus’s protege Desna. This imbued the demoness with a small amount of his divine power.

Pazuzu was enraged by this shift in power and as she returned from that battle he betrayed and attacked her. He wounded her terribly, but her newfound divinity allowed her to survive. They have been mortal enemies since. Lamashtu’s vendetta against him is only equaled by Desna’s own vendetta against her.

It is claimed by many monstrous humanoid races that she was their first progenitor and creator.

I spoke with Hardigan in hushed tones about a possible threat from a cult practicing in the vicinity. But he assured me he had heard nothing of the kind. The church was dispersed without any formal organization so it would be tough to know for sure. I would have to do more investigation into the killings of the livestock but if it is the leucrotta then perhaps someone had called them here.

It was lunch time and Hardigan invited me to eat with him and I was impressed by the eight members of the temple I saw in the meal hall. These were good people in this temple. It was good to have them around.

Loot/Items from Session #4


The following items are in the immediate area:

From Half-Orc and Farm:
x1 Shortsword
x1 Battleaxe
x1 Shortbow
x15 Flight Arrows
x1 Draft horse
x1 Wagon

From Korzan:
x1 Dagger
x18 Crossbow Bolts
x1 Crossbow, engraved with the word “Betty”
x1 Flask of Acid

General items: backpack, bedroll, map case, flint and steel, vial of ink, inkpen, 5 sheets of parchment, 8 days’ trail rations, water- skin, sack, 5 torches, belt pouch with 12 gp, 6 sp, 5cp and a journal.

Gavin's Journal - Farm House Fight
Previous Adventure Log Spear.png A little after four in the afternoon, an hour after his departure, Tsen came galloping in with his donkey in tow. With a panicked and stern tone he declared, “They were slaughtered! …I found a farm house where I had hoped we could spend the night and everyone there was slaughtered. I saw two bodies in the yard…We have to find what did this and make it right!”

The small caravan of 5 people, 2 carts, a donkey, and a horse had come to a stop during his tale. Delph questioned Tsen asking what kind of injuries they had sustained. Tsen said he had only seen them bloodied and torn to pieces and left outside the house. “We have to get back there!” he almost cried. The emotion in his voice sounded genuine. The caravan picked up speed and followed Tsen the 45 minutes back to the farm he had discovered.

Farm_House.PNGUpon reaching the farm it was clear something terrible had befallen the residents. Chickens and pigs milled around unpinned. The body of an adult was left in several pieces in front of the main door and a smaller body was visible inside the pin. Tsen said this was as close as he had ventured before returning for us earlier. We all carefully approached the house on the lookout for traps or enemy. We divided to investigate the bodies closer up. Upon inspection the girl’s body seemed to have been exposed to some sort of terrible poison. It was contorted and covered in pox without any sign of blood. The man, on the other hand, was ripped arm from arm and deep lacerations crossed his chest and face. It looked like something had flayed the skin while he was alive. Blood covered everything soaked through his torn clothes and matted with the dirt. Several chickens pecked at the corpse.

Upon entering the house we saw the wife and two small children slain in viscous means with long deep slashes such as swords or axes would leave. Intestines lay scattered on the floor with two pigs eating on them. Blood soaked the floor and the house smelled of bile.

Tsen insisted we needed to bury the bodies. He did not say if it was out of religious belief, superstition, or fear of what demonic powers had attacked them. But it seemed the sensible thing to do. We all dug graves for the five bodies and Delph said some prayers bidding his god to protect them in the next life. Felinor drew his long sword and took one knee in the sign of prayer to Iomedae bidding that she let justice find their killers.

As the light of day was fading and the shadows from the woods reached across the farm yard a noise of chanting came from the wood line. In half a moment five skeletons began crawling out of the ground. Their skeletal hands reaching for our feet and hampering us from retreating. Five more zombies rose out of the fresh graves and began clawing at our clothes and reaching for our arms and necks with rotting, fleshy hands. Korzan called out that it was [edit] Vortigern, a rival apprentice whom he had known and who worked for a friend of his master. Vortigern with the raven who might have been following us and Vortigern, it appeared, was quite powerful to be an apprentice!

childzombie.jpgI shouted to my companions to get to the shelter of the farm house in hope of minimizing their attacking from multiple angles. I took a swing at the nearest zombie child with my sword but miss as I have a hard time thinking of this child we just buried as a monster. I ran for the door. I only made it to the opening as a nearby skeleton reached out and hit me with his rusted axe across my arm and shoulder. It bit deep as the rusted weapon tore through my cloth padding. I then saw Felinor sprint for the other door while making a shot at the nearest zombie with his pistol. It had little effect at stopping the undead.

From the middle of the fray I heard Korzan cry out with pain and saw an arrow puncturing his mages robes in his chest. A skeleton near me swung his rusty axe again and I failed to block, distracted by the overwhelming scene in the fading light. Ten enemy engaged in melee combat encircled the five of us and at least one archer and a mage hid in the woods. I feared for my companions’ lives. Nearly staggered from the attack I saw Delph get hit with a similar attack. He cried out to his god and prayed for aid in this moment of unholy onslaught. I immediately felt a familiar warmth of energy slowly spreading through my body like a fire warms one’s body after a day of work in the cold. It started in my fingers and spread quickly up my arms and through my torso and then down my legs and up to my face. The deep cuts of from the axe closed to small wounds. I received the energy I need to keep my feet and face the undead.

skeleton3.pngTsen let out a cry of pain even though I did not see the attack. He had his katana in one hand and a shield in the other. Fending off an enemy on each side. Felinor moved closer to the door of the house hoping to make a fatal funnel as they followed him in. He got hit while drawing his long sword and stowing his pistol. From across the fray Bromi grunted and retaliated with two quick flurries to the skeleton crushing its bones and it fell to the ground in a heap. A collective cry of praise went up from three people with the first enemy dead.

The fight went on for what felt like ten minutes. We exchanged melee blows with the zombies and skeletons while getting pepered from the woods by arrows and magic bolts. We did not make it into the house and nearly lost three of our party. Delph did some sort of magical attack that affected all the undead in the area. If it had not been for him we would have surely died. Thus, when he fell to the ground in combat I ran to his side and immediately poured the magical vial of healing potion from my belt. Delph has saved my life more than I can count on this adventure already and we would all be lost without him. While I was fending off foes and tending Delph, Korzan fell also. I couldn’t get to him in time and when I finally did see his body I could tell from the flow of blood that he was not able to be saved today. I did not have time to mourn just then as Bromi was hit with an arrow from the woods and fell to the ground. I feared the worst. Felinor made it to his side. I saw him bend to aid Bromi as I fended off an attack. Delph was able to cast another round of healing on us and saved me from death one more time. Tsen had not been idle and he finished off the last remaining zombie leaving just the ones in the woods. Both Tsen, Felinor, and I run for the edge of the woods dodging sporadic arrows and engaged one half-orc in combat. He dropped his bow and engaged with a nasty looking battleaxe as we closed. Tsen attacked him with a force I can only dream of matching. He slashed through the man’s shoulder and buried it in his sternum. The man bled out in seconds. The man had served his purpose, however, as we were unable to find any sign of Vortigern or the other guard who had been firing at us.

Delph examined our employer, Korzan, in greater detail and determined that even his powers were not sufficient to heal Korzan. Felinor continued to bandage Bromi and stop the bleeding. He was aware of his surroundings and in good spirits considering his near brush with death.

We mourned the loss of our employer but thought the worst was over. We were discussing searching Korzan for information when Tsen noticed that the amulet he had previously worn was nowhere around him. We quickly determined that the amulet was possibly the aim of the attack and we had not only lost our employer but also the most important object of the mission. Felinor and I dragged the dead half-orc over to the disturbed graves and we began digging again.

On his body we found a still useful set of studded leather armor, a small shield, his battle axe, a short bow with 20 more arrows, 23 gold and 16 silvers. The skeletons each had a nearly useless (but painful) rusted hand axe. We also took the time to search the house for useful items for our voyage. We would head to Fairhill and figure out what to do.

Searching the house we took inventory of items the farm family would no longer need in their next life. A worn short sword hung over the hearth, a sad reminder of some previous family member who may have been trained to protect his family. It had not been claimed in this incident leading us to suspect the family was surprised completely by their attackers. The kitchen was quite full of dried provisions, rice, corn, potatoes, some limited cured meats, and a few baskets of lettuce, turnips, and radishes. A few jars in the back had milk in various stages of producing butter and cheese. There were a few wedges of finished cheese on shelves in the cupboard. Outside there were three cows, 4 pigs, and about 30 chickens. I immediately took notice of the draft horse and light wagon that we could use to replace the fallen donkey and minimize our need for two carts.
horseshoe-clip-art-92.jpgI took the time to load up some of the food stuffs into the wagon. We caged two chickens and loaded them too but elected to leave the pigs and cows for the difficulty involved. We hitched the horse to the wagon with tack in the barn and he seemed to take it well. My guess is that his previous masters had made the trip to Fairhill on a simi-regular basis. Many of the items on the farm showed more skilled work like the plough and shovels. There was not a blacksmith forge on the farm so he would have had to trade for such items.

We unloaded Korzan’s cart into the wagon and left the cart. Felinor was happy to have Clouswitz unburdened as the harness had not fit him properly. Clouswitz stomped around in a show of excitement.

It was now rather dark as our efforts of investigating the area, burying the dead, fighting, reburying the dead, and loading the supplies had taken over three hours. Sitting around debating to leave in the dark or stay at the house for the night Felinor remarked about our progress so far. “Let’s not list this on our resume, guys.”
Gavin's Journal - Stranger on the road

Previous Adventure Log Spear.png

Stranger on the Road
The day had dawned clear and the sun was breaking in through the canopy above casting light down on the ground. It was a welcome change after the previous three days of rain. I hung out my wet socks to dry on the edge of my cart and others did the same. Our waterlogged boots began to dry out with the heat of our feet and dryer air. Spirits were on the rise after the sleepless night.

An hour before noon Felinor caught scent of a wood-burning campfire from not far away. Halting the progress of our little band of adventurers we sent Bromi forward to scout the area for threats. Bromi shortly returned describing a heavily armed and armored man dressed in black cooking over a fire. He had a horse and a pack animal for his equipment. He appeared alone in the camp.

Delph quickly hatched a plan to have Bromi pretend to be sick, displaying his constant irritated skin condition, and to use this as an opening for conversation with the man in black. Bromi reluctantly agreed to play the comatose, boil ridden patient of Delph and made a bed in the back of Gavin’s cart. We began our nonchalant approach with Felinor in the lead, Clouswitz (the horse) pulling Korzan’s cart with Korzan atop, Gavin leading his donkey and cart with Bromi inside and Delph tending the patient and watching the rear of our element. It was a well-thought-out rouse.

Tsen.pngAs we began to emerge from the woods into the small clearing where the man had made his lunch camp he looked up and saw us. He did not appear to be threatened by the appearance of four armed travelers but he was himself well armed. As we neared I could see that he was dressed in a southern style favorite of the Samuari warriors from Qadira or Osirion. But elsewhere too. It brought up memories of training with my old friend in Absalom who had taught me the style of swordsmanship I now practice; but I digress from the story.

Delph, our group’s undisputed spokesman, worked his way to the front of the line and made first introductions. Tsen (pronounced zen) introduced himself and welcomed us to share his small cooking fire for our own lunch. Tsen was interested in Bromi’s condition and Delph filled him in on the near-constant wasting sickness that had struck our friend. “It comes in waves,” Delph explained, “Sometimes he is up and about but then some days he is in this comatose state and we must carry him along.” Tsen expressed interest in trying to understand the conditions of the disease and asked after Bromi’s home and places he had visited.

As we sat down at the fire Tsen finished his cooking and Korzan began the preparations for our own meal. Tsen was a pleasant but enigmatic man. I took notice of his weapons that I had seen from a distance with the obvious hilts of the katana and smaller wakizashi. He also had the naginata strapped to the saddle of his horse. From up close the weapons looked incredible. The outsides were works of art and I could only imagine the blades were equally as powerful. I voiced my appraisal and asked after the weapons’ lineage. Tsen appreciated the notice but did not offer to share the history simply saying they were stunning works of craftsmanship and did have a storied past but it was not the time for it now. We agreed to spar after lunch.

During the meal Tsen shared an account of his time on the road. He said his friends, three members of the Dragon’s Talon had been beset upon by a pack of Leucrotta several days earlier killing all three while he was scouting the road ahead. He had returned at the noise of their battle to find only blood and equipment dropped after their bone-crushing defeat by the beasts. They had not bothered him further as he hurried on his way toward Fairhill. Tsen said his party was on the way to help villagers deal with a problem out of their ability. Delph shared in the horrors of his loss and told of our own near fatal encounters with the two beasts that were now named.

After lunch Tsen and I sparred with the wooden training swords typical of the practice. We went two rounds with Tsen winning both. His command of the katana was indeed better than mine. I attribute this to my scholastic study taking up more than half of my training. But I enjoyed the lessons. I attacked time and again to have him deflect my blows. While we exchanged over a dozen blows I only landed one. It was a good lesson for me on maintaining my own defense as he landed two back to back blows that knocked me out. I came to a moment later and I bowed to him acknowledging his mastery and he bowed back thanking me for the practice. His courtesy was very formal and left me thinking that he had perhaps been raised in the culture and should have had a future in service to a noble and not roaming the wild woods so far from home.

In all the time of sharing the fire and sparring I never saw his face. His deep cowl left his face shaded fully. He also wore gloves and close fitting armor that covered all of his skin. It was an odd approach for a man who seemed open to questions and sharing but clearly he was hiding something. Or maybe like Bromi he had his own skin disease.

As he was putting away the swords I noticed the emblem of Sarenrae, Goddess of the Sun, embroidered on his horse blanket. Assuming the horse was his it was a good sign as Sarenrae is a good god who favors healing, honesty, redemption and the sun. She was a Keleshite god and perhaps our friend, being the same, did not want to stick out in the north with his dark skin.

Bromi this whole time had been laying in the back of the cart cursing Delph for his lie that meant he would not get lunch today. He was not going to let it go on forever and took the moment before Korzan threw away the food to “wake up” and ask for food and water. Delph proclaimed it a wonderful turn of fate that our comatose friend had woken and was strong enough to use his own legs. I picked up on a lot of eye twitching winks back and forth between Delph and Bromi as I am sure Tsen did also.

Being that this road was rather remote and we had come from the opposite direction, Tsen took a chance and asked if we were heading to Fairhill and if we would like to travel with him. A few quick glances around our group and we agreed to travel with Tsen. Tsen was traveling lighter and faster and soon offered to scout ahead and report back as was often his role with the Dragon’s Talon. I could see the question marks in Bromi’s mind and Delph also felt a bit uneasy. But we let him go in hopes he would return with useful information and not that he would set a trap for us.
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Gavin's Journal - Sleepless Night

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We were once again set upon by the elusive mother beast. Despite traveling roughly fifteen miles the badger-horse beast began making the mimicking crying noise three hours after sunset. Even with a full moon the light under the dense tree cover was too little to aid us in finding the beast. Bromi and I shared the first watch. We heard the beast and Bromi saw it to the north of camp. We roused the rest of the group and went into the woods in a group trying to end the threat. However as we ventured further away from camp thinking we were on the trail of the beast we heard a horrific sound come from one of the donkeys in camp. We returned as quickly as possible but were too late. One donkey lay dead with two crushing bite attacks and the other was bleeding from a gaping wound at its neck.

Delph came up and cured my donkey, the stalwart beast I had traveled with for the previous four months. We used Felinor’s horse to drag Korzan’s dead donkey away from camp and used it as bait for the beast. With two people on guard duty the rest of us tried to sleep again. Felinor was on guard duty when I was awakened by the sound of his arcane boom stick, or “gun” as he calls it. Grabbing my sword and exchanging looks with those around me I ran toward the sound of the noise. Felinor was halfway between camp and the carcass. I approached and made my way to the dead donkey but could see nothing. I carefully withdrew to camp while ready for an attack at any moment. It was about four in the morning judging by the location of the full moon light barely breaking through the tree cover.

The party decided that we were better to stay in a group near the fire than to adventure out into the woods after the beast as that had proven fruitless on several occasions. As of yet the beast had not attacked us while we were in a group. It seemed they preferred to lure us away from the group and pick us off one at a time. We wouldn’t give them that opportunity again.

Breaking camp before dawn we hitched Korzan’s cart with the food and supplies to Felinor’s light war horse that was not happy with being burdened as such. We got on the road toward our objective still two full days away.
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Gavin's Journal - Night Fight

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Spear.pngExcerpt from the Adventures of Gavin Vors, Pathfinder Chronicler


It was the third day of traveling toward the tower when we were set upon in the middle of the night by an unknown beast. It was the fifth hour of the night when I stepped away from the fire to investigate a noise like a crying baby not far from our campsite. The thing was extremely proficient at stalking and hunting and appeared out of the darkness as if by magic. Immediately upon exiting the small clearing the beast with a head like a badger and a lean equine body sunk its teeth into me with ripping ferocity. With a mouth like razor blades and the strength of a maul it dealt damage to armor and body alike. It then attacked with it hind legs delivering a crushing blow to my chest knocking me to the ground breathless. Taken by surprise I gathered my wits while still retaining my katana in hand. At least my training was paying off. Immediately backing out of reach of the beast I rose to my feet and gave another cry of alarm more purposeful than the cry of anguish which had escaped during the initial attack. While I wavered on my feet with blood streaming from the punctures and lacerations of my arm I might have been finished but for the grace of the Delph’s healing powers. In an instant of shock and wonder I saw the ripped sinews of my arm knit back together and quickly close to just some raw tender flesh. The crushed bone became whole, the bleeding ceased and the pain subsided as I saw the creature close towards me again. I saw intelligence in its eyes glowing green in the firelight. It meant to eat me for sure. In that heartbeat I knew that it was me or this horse sized monster that both resembled a large cat and a badger.
adv1_Session2.PNGIts bashing teeth came at me again as I dodged and it again knocked me to the ground. The others in my party were awake now and closed to attack. They gave me the moment to land a solid blow with my katana severing the head from the beast. Think ourselves free of the threat we retreated to the light of the fire and assessed our wounds. That was when we heard the cry from another beast. It was a larger beast. With its anger and vengeance we took it that this was the mother. Taking a quick breath I again joined the fray with Bromi, Delph, and Felinor. Felinor got a shot off with his black powder arcane blasting rod and Bromi attacked with his bare hands. Delph called on his God to save us all as the 800-pound beast brought me to my knees. After several attacks the beast ran off and despite our best attempts to follow it eluded us in the dark. I returned to the camp and another round of Delph’s prayers.
Still bleeding a little but with no broken bones I grabbed my quill and notebook and sketched the beast as it had attacked leaping from the woods. I have taken samples of its hair, teeth, hooves, ear, eye, and tail for study later.
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Thanks for a great first session! If you have any suggests or comments, shoot them my way. I welcome all such feedback. Sorry for any scheduling confusion, please do ensure you have your timezone settings adjusted for your location. I’m likely to get the next one set out for next week, perhaps Thursday night might work?

Summarized interactions

Upon entering the inn and surrendering visible weapons the party met the bartender of the establishment, Boblin, and it’s main waitress, Esvlin. They were showed to the private dining area and met with Korzan to begin discussing terms. After a brief back-and-forth the party requested the room for a private discussion and Korzan left with Esvlin to secure their meals, in hopes of striking a reasonable bargain. The party scoured the room for any sort of eavesdropping and Delph’s magical investigations showed a raven outside one window with an aura. Upon discovery, the raven promptly flew off. The party came to an agreement on requested terms and invited Korzan, and dinner, back into the room.

Another short bargaining session occurred with the party asking after the raven spotted previously. The keen senses of Felinor were not fooled by Korzan’s smooth speech though and he probed for additional information about the mission and the raven. Korzan shared that he had a premonition he was being followed but did not know the source. Korzan and the party then concluded a successful verbal deal on escorting/guarding him on the journey to the town of Fairhill and the tower of Fairlyon the Mage. Shortly after the agreement was struck (2GP per character per day, first half up front, successful mission with a 16 GP bonus and full sum paid out to the party, regardless of number of returnees and provisions of reasonable and good quality) 4 assailants entered the room and asked for a word with Korzan. Things escalated quickly and soon after a fight broke out.

Ending State

When the dust settled the party is still in the private dining room of the Drowned Pixie Inn along with three corpses, Kezler, the bouncer, and Korzan. Only one player is still slightly wounded and OOC a potential renegotiation of the terms was in the near future. The fourth member of the gang, which fled due to a fear spell from Delph has not yet been seen.

Final Words

We’ll look to pick up the pieces and, perhaps, begin the journey toward Fairhill, in earnest next time. If you have any questions, activities or other information you’d like your character to ask, do or learn, I encourage you to write a short post about it or send me an email to help handle that. Ideally, we’d have any desires for re-negotiated (in OOC terms) somewhat settled before we start next time.



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