Bandit Keep


The former bandit keep is situated on a lesser utilized but still important trade route between the city of Mormouth in Numeria and the city of Pitax, Pitax in The River Kingdoms. The road connects Fairhill to Mormouth and is the main course of trade in the region. Most exotic weapons and other trade goods come into Pitax via either this route or a more norther one through the disputed Stolen Lands from Brevoy. Trade south from Pitax is mostly on the Sellen river. However in these northern lands it is mountainous and the rivers are not navigable forcing trade to horse and wagon.

The keep is situated only a half mile from the main road and has a commanding view from its mountain perch. It can overlook the valley and road for twenty miles west of its position. From the east it is a little more enclosed with the side of the mountain and trees.

Current History

This keep had become the home of a bandit gang headed by Arjana Miki, a former blacksmith apprentice in Fairhill. Despite her former allegiances she was running the gang stealing and embargoing the trade goods and traders access to Fairhill. Nothing had made it in or out of Fairhill along this western road in over two months. The band of adventurers stormed the keep in the dark of night and drove out Arjana and killing all of her bandits. Regrettably she was not apprehended and is still at large.

The keep was full of embargoed trade goods which provided much needed replenishment of resources to the adventurers. The vast majority is slated for repatriation to the proper owner pending logistical hurdles of transporting months of goods.


Burried History

Beneath the foundation is a walled and previously warded gate into a small cave. Upon opening of the door magical energy reanimated the remains of eight bodies that had been sealed inside. These skeletons fought hard to protect whatever lies within.

Bandit Keep

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