Bandits in the Hils

Rumors of bandits in the forest to the North about 2 days ride. They have successfully raided a number of caravans coming to town from that direction. They are rumored to lair near the small river.

Felinor discovered a rumor that the bandits are now better armed and equipped than normal thugs due to the property siezed from merchants heading into Fairhill. High Guardswoman Shefana of the town guard may have more information and may even send someone to help us deal with the threat if we take it on.

Delph and the party visited Filib, Hector Lessley, and Albrecht to discuss recent thefts. Both were very helpful and provided information on the effects on their profits. (session 6, day 8, day 2 in town)

After two days on the road with no encounters, we reached the area where we expected to find the bandits. Amlodd was able to find the camp, a sizable manor house near a river.
An hour of observation and formulating a plan resulted in our assault of the fortress walls. With a coordinated attack on the three sentinels we approached.
The coordinated attack failed when the guard on the south left wall began to notice the assault on the upper (south east) tower. Gavin took a shot to try and drop the guard and save his companions. He scored a solid hit but did not drop the guard. Amlodd hit him with his sling staff scoring a hit. Then Felinor moved in and shot at the guard on the north parapet. Felinor sinks a crossbow bolt into the guard.

Amlodd surprised the guard on the east tower and hit him squarely in the back. The man is on his feet and weezy. Bromi then attacked and the guard deflected.

Gavin shoots from his hiding spot in the trees to drop the guard on the southern parapet. Then Amlodd kills the guard on the eastern tower.

[1905:12 on day 11, 7th round of combat. End of Session 6]

The party ultimately failed in completing this quest (as of yet). They did clear out the bandit fortress and did drive Arjana away. Several twists arose during the final fight with Arjana. Specifically, she stated the following:

“You know I put up the gold myself for the live capture. I should have put more emphasis on my friends and helpers here. Looks like you took the fast route to entering my domain.”

“Why did I turn? I didn’t. I’m still helping this town. I learned the art of war and fueled my rage the best I could. I’m back taking retribution on those bastards. For what they did to Albrecht and for what they do to all the shop owners.”

“The Thieves Guild of course! I saw them rough him up. I saw him take it. I saw them extract money right from under the guard and Temple’s noses. Or perhaps they do know and are on the take. I don’t know and I don’t care. I’m making them pay and pay dearly.”

“Stolen? I’ve not stolen this gear! The armor and weapons were gifts from the few keepers that aren’t fully under their thumb. They pretended to have them taken to boost the image and make sure we survived. Of course they know, of course they are in on the plan. They cannot do more to aid us than they have…but its enough. With the gem heist we are set for some time.”

HAHAHAHA, now that is rich. Do you think I’m simply going to bow and come in chains? No, use your head. Either agree to help and lay down you arms or come in and try to get me. I suspect what’s left of will make it easier for your friends to carry away when this is over.”

In reference to Amlodd: “Ah ha! I knew you couldn’t be telling the truth! They sent their Retriever here to watch, help and ensure their secrets were kept. Well, good luck to you and your yelping dog! I have steel enough for your all!”

In reference to the town’s guard: “Ah, and some guards as well. Tell me Noble Protectors – are you simply dupes or are you part of the take?”

She succeeded in escaping out a window and fleeing into the surrounding area. After this interaction Amlodd stole all the mounts and the cart and fled. The cart was found burnt and the tracks disappeared into the woods. Amlodd and Arjana remain at large.

Bandits in the Hils

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