Bumps in the Night


- Something is killing livestock in the outlying areas. No one has seen or heard what it is.

Gavin took on this tidbit of information gathered on the first night in town. The second day he put in 8 hours of research and questioning to find a few more facts (adventure log details).

After working the town for information and gossip Gavin finishes the evening with a full belly, too much drink, 8 gold pieces poorer, and certain of the Leucrotta involvement in the livestock killings. Tired from an evening of working two different drinking establishments, Village Hall, the Deadly Arrow, Quill’s General Store, and Albrecht’s Armory, he was exhausted but felt rewarded with his information.

Intel from the store owners and tavern patrons repeated some of the same information as before but much new:
- Something is killing livestock in the outlying areas.
- Reports of humanoids working with terrible beasts and raiding farms.
- The beasts are part of the Bandits of Arjana.
- The beasts are hyena-like in nature. A few survivors report hearing the sounds of their loved ones even after they were killed.
- The leucrotta work in conjunction with gnolls. The two groups feast on victims in gruesome ways and carry away any valuables.
- the town guard is offering a reward on behalf of local ranchers. 250gp for confirmation of whats killing the livestock and another 750gp for proof of its elimination.
(discovered 12 Dec 2014)

The party has likely found the source of this issue – a leucrotta mother and cub, along with their enslaved gnoll and pugwampi allies. While they didn’t role-play the termination of this thread out, it is done now and the party successfully collected the full 1,000gp for the reward.

Bumps in the Night

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