Village, Conventional. AL NG; 1000gp limit; Assets 55000gp; Population 890; Mixed (Human 92%, Halfling 4%, Elf 2%, Dwarf 1%, Half-­‐elf 1%).
Area A – Guard Towers ­‐ Three stories high. Ground floor large wooden doors with iron banding. Guards can be seeing patrolling and wandering nearby.

Area B – The Waving Hand -­ Very nice inn. Owner is Albert Elek. It has many rooms, a bar and a restaurant.

Area C -­ Blackbrand Stables -­ Horse stables/breeder. Viktor Blackbrand is the owner. Huge barns.

Area D -­ The Prancing PonyJochum Quill is the owner and he is a halfling. Has the highest quality food and beverages; with prices to match. They normally have entertainment every night.

Area E -­ Quill’s General Store and Travel SupplyOppius Quill is the owner, brother to Jochum. Well stocked and provisioned general store.

Area F -­ Village Hall – Thick granite walls make up this structure. It houses the local Magistrate, Verdiana Marchetti. Also houses a guards barrack and jail cells.

Area G -­ Albrecht’s Armory -­ Owner is Albrecht. Sells all manner of weapons and armor. High-­‐ quality smithing as well.

Area H -­ Thrace Whiteoak’s Home -­ Small home owned by the named.

Area I – Mike’s Leather Shop – Terrible smell surrounds area due to tanning process. Mike Bongroa is the owner. Very high-­‐quality leather goods. Expensive armor as well.

Area J – Temple to Iomedae – small temple to the Goddess. Jestine Esau is the high preistess.

Area K – The Deadly Arrow ­‐ Jakub Rainz is the owner. Crafts very high-­‐quality bows and bowery needs.

Area L ­‐ Lessley’s GemsHector Lessley is the owner. Produces jewelry and gem products.

Area M ­‐ Caiden Arien’s Home -­ Small cottage held by owner.

Area N ­‐ Anabla Creagach’s Home -­ Grown from a massive oak tree.

Area O ­‐ Filib’s PotionsFilib is the owner. He’s a masterful alchemist/potion-­‐maker.

Area P ­‐ Sheila Bevan’s Home -­ Small house by the aforementioned owner.


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