Hey all. I have been figuring out some things with the CSS customization in the GM settings tab. It is a bit restrictive as to modifying the existing theme but as you have seen I have adapted some backgrounds from another game on OP to create a parchment looking background to my adventure logs. If you would like to do the same on any page you edit then paste the following formatting at the top and bottom of your text:

<div class="parchmentTop"><div class="parchment"></div><div class="parchmentBody">

</div><div class="parchmentBottom"></div></div>

You will notice that the default font is defined within the parchmentBody class and that is how the handwriting is defined. I have also added two title classes that utilize additional fonts.

<div class="titles">text</div> displays google font “RockSalt” as displayed on the main wiki page in the text “Player Journals”.

<div class="BlockText">text</div> displays “Gloria Hallelujah” as displayed in the first block on that page.

Feel free to use any of these in your character posts. If you have other google fonts you would like to use let me know and I will add it and create a class for you to call.

Code for adding a level progression bar to your character sheet:
Type one:

ExperienceLevel 2

Level 3

<table><tr><td>Experience</td><td>Level 2</td><td><div style="width:120px;height:15px;background:#FFFFFF;border:2px solid #000000;"><div style="width:0%;height:11px;background:#0077ee;font-size:8px;line-height:8px;"><br></div></div>2,000/5,000</td><td>Level 3</tr></table>

Type two:


<div style="width:100%x;height:40px;background:#FFFFFF;border:2px solid #000000;"><div style="width:0%;height:37px;background-color:darkgreen;font-size:8px;line-height:8px;"><br></div></div><div style="position:relative; top:-30px;color:darkgrey;text-align:center;font-size:20px">2,000/5,000xp</div>


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