Thieving Thieves Guild

This thread was started off the claims of Arjana that the town was being extorted. by the Thieves Guild and Amlodd was a member of the organization. Lillith confirmed those rumors recently.

Gavin was in the room when Arjana made the accusations against the corrupt nature of the town. Her taunts about being the “their dog” and claims that the shop owners had given Arjana the items to boos the reputation of the brigands in order to keep them from getting destroyed. Her accusations were made on Day 11 of the adventure. Hard to believe that was 12 days ago.

Thus, Gavin had been thinking about how to question the few rebellious owners about their involvement with Arjana. Was she a brigand or hero? Gavin made a mental list of who to talk to:

  • “some honest guards” – too risky
  • Albrecht – reported most recent theft/returned items. Former tutor of Arjana and large number of weapons in the keep. Likely supporter.
  • Jakub Rainz of The Deadly Arrow – reported theft/returned items
  • Lessley’s Gems – reported theft/returned items
  • Quill’s General Store – reported theft/returned items
  • Jestine Esau of the temple?
  • Mike’s leather shop – no reported theft
  • Filib’s Potions – no reported theft

Fairhill did not appear to have a bustling thieving network but (Gavin Know Local: 29) perhaps there was more to it than met the eye. It was rumored that the thieves guild actually ran all trade and commerce in Pitax. Fairhill was the second largest farming community in Pitax and it would not be a leap of faith to believe they had hands in this community. How to figure it out and not draw the ire of the full thieves guild in Pitax?

Thieving Thieves Guild

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