Adventure Timeline
This is the Age of Lost Omens in Golarion. The current year is 4714 Absalom Reckoning. At the start of the adventure it is late summer, the 22nd day of Arodus (8th month the year). It is the 5th day of the week, Fireday.

Fireday 22, Arodus – Day 1: Received the note on the board of the Ravenous Shark about a job. Met with Korzan and had an encounter with the 4 brigands. We agreed to terms for going to Fairhill and investigating the Tower of Eralion.Sundial.jpg

Starday 23, Arodus – Day 2: Day on the road. Rained all day. No problems.

Sunday 24, Arodus – Day 3: 2nd day on the road. Rained all day. No problems.

Moonday 25, Arodus – Day 4: 3rd day on the road. Rained most of the day. We were plagued by a beast in the night who could mimic the sound of a crying baby. It nearly killed us by attacking us out of the dark and disappearing again. We killed one beast.

Toilday 26, Arodus – Day 5: 4th day on the road. Again plagued by cries all night long. We lost Korzan’s mule to the beast. No one got any sleep.

Wealday 27, Arodus – Day 6: 5th day on the road. After an early start we met a fellow traveler on the road. Tsen said his party had been killed by the beasts and identified them as Leucrotta. We were ambushed at the farmhouse belonging to Kennac Bevan, a poor offshoot of the Bevan merchants in Fairhill. Korzan died at the hand of his nemesis Vortigern. Spent the night at the farmhouse and heard the cries of the Leucrotta again.

Oathday 28, Arodus – Day 7. A very long day on the road brought us to Fairhill just before the last light of day faded. Found stables for the animals at Blackbrand Stables and rooms for us at the Waving Hand. We drank and heard rumors from the town.

Fireday 29, Arodus – Day 8. First full day in Fairhill. Spent the day gathering info on the problems around town: Bandits, Livestock, Curse, Tower, Vampire.

Starday 30, Arodus – Day 9. Second day in Fairhill. Continued to gather info and build connections in town. The party, minus Bromi, visited the business owners, Filib, Hector Lessley, and Albrecht to discuss the impacts of the bandits on their business.

Sunday 31, Arodus – Day 10. Departed Fairhill to hunt down the Bandits. Recruited the tracker Amlodd to help get us there and hired two town guards to help.

Moonday 1, Rova – Day 11. Reached the Bandit camp/fortress and began our attack just as the sun was setting.

Day 12. Ran through the night and made it to Fairhill. No sign of Amlodd.

Day 13. Recruited new adventurers and returned to the bandit keep. Found Bromi in stone.

Day 14. Rode out to discover slaughtered wagoners and burned wagons at a campsite half a day from the keep. Returned to the keep for the night.

Day 15. Went out to track the beasts that killed the wagoners. Lilith had determined to be Pugwamip Goblins. Encountered goblin ambush at trapped rope bridge. Retreated to the keep after fighting.

Day 16. Found a hidden cave entrance beneath the keep. Skeletons in the dark and death by Mimic. Description of battle by a tree, Gavin’s Journal, and later Journal.

Day 17. Returned via different route to the area where the Pugwampi had attacked. Found a cave. Battled outside the cave (session 1). Journeyed into the cave with many traps (session 2). Fought to the back of the cave and killed a young Leucrotta (session 3). Gavin’s journal of session 2 and 3. Spent the night in the cave.

Day 18. Killed the mother Leucrota and hauled the loot back to the keep.

Day 19. Explored the rest of the cave beneath the keep. Found a tome and wayfinder. Fought two shocker lizards and a slime.

Day 20. Traveled back to Fairhill.

Day 21. Arrived in Fairhill around noon – received reward.

Day 22. Rest day, restock supplies. received Curious Correspondence From Caiden Arien and later met with Caiden Arien about The Curse of House Muric. Dinner discussion synopsis here. Gavin made some maps in the evening.

Day 23. Current time.

Session Timeline
Thursday 2, October 14 – First party meeting. Used D20 Pro for the first time as a group.
Sunday 5, October 14 – Met again and got familiar with D20 Pro and its capabilities.
Monday 13, October 14 – Session 1; Day 1, Gavin’s Journal – Meet and Greet
Thursday 23, October 14 – Session 2; Day 2-4, Began our six day trip to Fairhill. Gavin’s Journal – Night Fight
Thursday 6, November 14 – Session 3; Day 5, Continued on the road. Gavin’s Journal – Sleepless Night
Thursday 13, November 14 – Canceled
Wednesday 26, November 14 – Session 4; Day 6, Met Tsen and had the farm house fight.
Thursday 4, December 14 – Session 5 – Day 7, Made it to town.
Saturday 13, December 14 – Session 6; Day 9-11, Arrived at the bandit hideout.
Tuesday 16, December 14 – Session 7; Day 11, Continued fighting the bandit threat.
Session 8; Day 12 & 13, sought help and returned to the keep.
18 October 16; Day 14 & 15, discovered mutilated cart drivers and pursued their attackers.
22 November 16; Day 16, Cave beneath the keep
1 December 16; Day 16, Pugwampi caves with Gnolls
14 December 16; Day 17 Pugwampi Caves and pit traps
19 December 16; Day 17 More caving
27 December 16; Day 18-21. Killed the Leucrotta mother in the cave returned to Fairhill.
11 January 17; Day 22. Town interactions.


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