Tower of Eralion

– there was an old wizard off to the West, three days ride. He hasn’t been seen from in sometime. I bet it’s been almost a decade since he was last through here.

- Korzan believed the tower should either be abandoned or lightly guarded. He believed he could bypass any wards.

- Korzan identified the caster attaching the party as Vortigern, a former apprentice of Feliban the Mad.

- Vortigern seems to have the black raven as a familiar.

Bromi and Felinor asked High Priestess Jestine to look into dispelling the ward on the journal on the first day.


Jestine completed the dispelling and returned the text to Felinor and Bromi on the 21st of the timeline. She relayed the following information regarding the book and its notes:

1.) The apprentice Korzan discovered a letter from the mage Eralion to a friend of his Master’s. The Mage was Feliban the Mad and in the letter Eralion outlines his plan to seek immortality through lichdom. He had been in communion with a power demon lord to gain the necessary knowledge.

2.) The apprentice Korzan had an ongoing feud with Feliban’s apprentice, Vortigern, and it appears Vortigern (from the party’s tale) proved the stronger. Vortigern seeks the tower to claim its listed treasures and spell books but likely is unaware of the contents of the letter or Eralion’s attempt at immortality.

3.) She has heard nothing of the status of Eralion in some years. He is located on the edge of Pitax en route to the Stolen Lands.

4.) Korzan noted Feliban thought Eralion unable to complete the spell to become a lich – calling him a mage of “minor power; too weak to master such complex magics”.

She beseeched the party to investigate, and if a lich is present, destroy it.

Tower of Eralion

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