A grand adventure…or that is what everyone who sets off into the wild world assumes when they dream of adventuring. The reality is much more mundane. Cold, wet nights spent huddled under a wool blanket with too little sleep while on the lookout for brigands and days of travel is much more the norm. Whether finding employ as a caravan guard or marines for hire on some ship captain’s boat the adventurer’s life is rarely glorious. But when it is, wars are won, demons are conquered, songs are sung, chronicles are written, and heroes live on. These are the reasons for which we adventure.
– Clayborne Orkhunter, Pathfinder Society, Initiate Guide

Our campaign is set in the Kingdom of Pitax on the northern Border of the River Kingdoms. The party is focused in the town of Fairhill half way between the capital of Pitax and Mornmouth to the West.

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