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Curse of House Muric

What we know now

Gavin sat around the table with the group the night before the group headed out to investigate The Curse of House Muric and recounted what we know.

My friends, let us talk of the information we gained so far pertaining to our present task.

Last night was an enlightening evening at the Prancing Pony. We had the rough outlines but were invited to dinner to learn some details. Caden Arien was in the Prancing Pony at the appointed dinner time. It was still early and the room was lightly populated with most of the workers still out in the fields. No trade caravans were in town last night. Caden had a table in the corner big enough for the six of us. Caden introduced himself as the agent acting on behalf of the family of, diseased, Lord Byron Bevel. Lord Bevel’s family was a large merchant family in Pitax and they were looking for resolution to the curse that claimed Lord Bevel, the groom on whose wedding day the curse fell. Caden reiterated the reward he was offering, 3,000gp for removal of the curse and 4,000gp for concrete proof of who caused it. Rusty did the majority of the talking and questioning for our party.

Many of the guests died at the wedding feast as well as the bride and groom (Lorrisa Muric and Byron Bevel). The bride’s father, Lord Muric did not survive the event. Another noble, Lord Beven died(?)/has not been seen since the event (information received at different times says both, not sure if this is intentional or mistake). Lord Beven left his estate and large vineyards north of the Muric estate to his daughter, Sheala Beven. She has a house in Fairhill where she usually prefers to live (Area P on the Fairhill map).

Nearly 100 people attended the lavish wedding. Stories recount that anyone who ate or drank became affected by the curse. The town guard was called to fight the demons and killed many of the affected townsfolk. Shefana Elsaban was one survivor of the guard who fought that day.

The Curse on House Muric has been on-going for roughly five years. Those afflicted by the curse slowly mutate into monsters and go mad. Apparently, those afflicted generally stay on the Muric estate. There are some whisperings of the curse beginning to spread into other areas, possibly threatening other parts of the town. The head cleric Jestine, offered assistance.

The cause of the curse is unknown. It is also not clear if it was targeted on Lord Beval or Lord Muric. Given the outcomes it was likely Muric, but Beval lost his heir as well.

Caden suggested we talk to a few of the other people before making plans to visit the estate.

  • Shefana Elsaban (guardswoman)
    - – - Has a high reputation in town despite not being a social person
    - – - Spoke to her. She was disapproving of our visit to the grounds. Said we would be affected by the curse and attacked by whatever creature survives on the grounds. She suggested not to take a frontal approach.
  • Anabla Creagach – Bromi spoke to her on day 1. Notes in The Curse of House Muric Plot:
    - – - No one has made it back from the Estate after the initial rescue attempts were made. Some have seen or been near the grounds and lived to come back. No one has entered a building and made it back though.
    - – - Almost nothing is known about the curse. It is confirmed as a curse because magic targeted to dispelling curses can halt the symptoms and prevent madness. Spells to remove disease have no effect.
    - – - Per the Druidic Council she is not permitted to enter the grounds and directly interfere. She has been observing for the last six months and thinks the area of the curse may be spreading
    - – - She is keenly interested in plant, soil, water and/or animal samples from inside the “curse zone” to further study and learn about the problem. She cannot pay for them but may be able to offer other help or benefits as you go further into the Estate.
  • Thrace Whiteoak
    - – - Arrived in town shortly after curse set in. Lots of money, very well dressed. Said he would like samples taken from the house to study in town. Offered to provide sample jars. Said he came here to study the curse but stays because it is a relatively safe town on a major trade road. He can make magical arms and armor as well as scrolls and wands.
  • Jawhara Masood – bard at prancing pony has been asking questions about the curse.
    - – - Talked to her between set while performing at the Prancing Pony. Doubted the truth about Thrace Whiteoak’s story for needing to ask for samples. He should be able to gather samples himself.
    - – - She said no new real information about the curse
    - – - Gave us lots of information about bad blood between Lord Beven and Lord Muric. Said Beven would have had reason to distrust Muric. He has benefited in the interim time but now their lands are in danger.
    - – - Said Sheala Beven’s house is guarded.
    - – - She said that an apprentice had sad Thrace was not good to work for.


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