Amlodd Eddris

Halfling trapper and tracker


Met Gavin at the Waving Hand common room. Requested help in claiming the reward for the beasts slaying livestock. Offered services for guiding the party as well.

Hired him at 1/5 of the share to help us track the bandits on the road. He was helpful and honest about the reality that we may die because of the reputation of the bandits.

Amlodd turned out to be a total thief. He may be working with Arjana or other unknown miscreants. However what we do know is that he double crossed us while we were attacking the keep and took off with our horses and the cart with all our traveling gear. After defeating Arjana’s bandits we pursued him down the hills back toward Fairhill and found the cart fired with all our gear burned. Looked like he took anything worth anything and took off with the horses across country. We have not found him yet despite efforts to track him.

Amlodd has not been seen since Day 11.

Amlodd Eddris

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