Arjana Miki

Bandit Lord Outside of Fairhill


Arjana is a main person of interest in the Bandits in the Hils plotline. She was running a group of bandits in the hills a day and a half ride NW of Fairhill. She fought the players and made several allegations defending herself and accusing the town of being corrupt. She escaped the encounter and has not been heard from in the five days since.

Is she just biding her time waiting to regroup of has she been beaten and died of her wounds?

What were the truth of the allegations she said against the town? The town had portrayed her as being the brigand leader who was stealing from the town and preventing all trade from moving down the road west of Fairhill. Her former master, Albrecht, has faith in that she is still good.

Has not been seen since Day 11.


Arjana Miki

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