Hector Lessley

Proprietor of the Fairhill Gem Store


Nice gnome who runs a gem store in Fairhill who was very helpful about providing information on his supply lines in answer to questions about the Bandits in the Hils who recently robbed him.

Discussed that Arjana was an apprentice to Albrecht and rumors now say she can turn into a wolf.

Mentioned that Filib is a strange man who arrived 12 years earlier and is still considered a foreigner. Only goes into town once a week, Wednesday, and takes his dinner at the Waving Hand. Informed us that Filib was once robbed a few years ago and the bodies were found a day out of town poisoned. Filib does not label his potions until he sells them. Remind him to change the labels before he sells them to you.

Said he would be willing to appraise any gems we find in our adventures.


Hector Lessley

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