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  • Bandits in the Hils

    Rumors of bandits in the forest to the North about 2 days ride. They have successfully raided a number of caravans coming to town from that direction. They are rumored to lair near the small river.

    Felinor [[Felinor's Research | discovered]] a …

  • Bumps in the Night

    STATED FACTS: ————————— - Something is killing livestock in the outlying areas. No one has seen or heard what it is.

    [[:gavin-vors | Gavin]] took on this tidbit of information gathered on the first night in town. The second day he put in 8 …

  • The Curse of House Muric

    STATED FACTS: ————————— – There is a large reward posted for the removal of the curse from the Muric family estate, *3000gp to resolve the curse* and *another 4000gp to provide proof of the origin*. – The crazy druid lady on the outskirts likely did …

  • Tower of Eralion

    STATED FACTS: ————————— – there was an old wizard off to the West, three days ride. He hasn’t been seen from in sometime. I bet it’s been almost a decade since he was last through here. - Korzan believed the tower should either be abandoned or …

  • Stalking a Vampiress

    STATED FACTS: ————————— - Tsen Tuguro stated his party was hired to stalk and slay a vampiress in the area.

    No investigation yet.

  • Thieving Thieves Guild

    This thread was started off the claims of [[:arjana-miki | Arjana]] that the town was being extorted. by the Thieves Guild and [[:amlodd-eddris | Amlodd]] was a member of the organization. [[:lilith | Lillith]] confirmed those rumors recently. [[File: …